Elevatus empowers Omantel in talent assessment with video interviews


Omantel, Oman’s foremost provider of comprehensive telecommunications solutions, harnessed Elevatus’ AI-driven video interviewing software to assess a substantial pool of over 5,200 applicants for its Generation Z training program. With a workforce of more than 3,200 individuals, Omantel adopted Elevatus’ state-of-the-art technology to assess, identify and recruit the most qualified applicants for the program in a fraction of the time.

The Generation Z training initiative, spearheaded by Omantel, offers newly minted graduates in Oman an optimal entry point into their professional journeys. Upon announcing the program and opening it to applicants, Omantel received an overwhelming response, with more than 5,200 applications submitted. This enthusiastic response, while a testament to the program’s appeal, posed a challenge in terms of screening, shortlisting, and selecting the top 25 applicants for participation.

“Elevatus’ technology has been paradigm-shifter for our internship program, replacing guesswork with a thorough understanding of each candidate. It’s like having a strategic talent incubator at our disposal. In partnership with Elevatus, we achieved the remarkable success of assessing thousands of applicants in just two days, ensuring that the best talents join our program. This collaboration perfectly embodies our commitment to innovation and our vision of shaping a brighter future for young talent.” said Mohammed Ahmed Al Riyami General Manager of Talent Management, at Omantel.

In a strong collaboration, both companies joined forces to help Omantel modernize its assessment process, allowing applicants to shine solely based on merit through fair and unbiased video assessments. Traditionally, Omantel would spend 164 days conducting manual interviews for more than 5,000 applicants, followed by an additional 68 days to identify top talent. However, through the implementation of Elevatus’ AI-driven video interviewing software, Omantel achieved a remarkable transformation. It streamlined the assessment process, evaluated top talent faster, and shortlisted 207 applicants from a pool of 3,289 – all accomplished in just two working days.

Rami Alkiswani, Chief Commercial Officer at Elevatus, adds, “Our collaboration with Omantel represents more than just an answer to hiring challenges; it’s a groundbreaking shift. Our AI-driven solutions at Elevatus are not merely redefining the art of hiring; they are revolutionizing the very essence of talent management. We’re here to empower global companies to lead in hiring through the fusion of AI, science, and cutting-edge technology. This partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and, most importantly, our dedication to delivering transformative value for our clients.”

Elevatus’ commitment to advanced technology and pioneering innovation has played a pivotal role in empowering Omantel to transform its assessment process. This commitment has resulted in a remarkable conversion of over 63% of the applicants, enabling Omantel to uncover core personality traits, assess behavior and communication skills across various roles, and provide a comprehensive framework with up to 243 distinct personality profiles. This ensures a fair and inclusive evaluation of their Generation Z applicants.

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