Elements Global Services Launches Holistic Employment Solution

Program Designed Exclusively For U.S. Department of Defense and USAID Contractors

Elements Global Services

Elements Global Services, a global human resources technology provider and pioneer of the direct Employer of Record (EOR) model, has launched GoGlobalGov, a holistic employment and expansion solution for OCONUS government contractors supporting U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) programs.

With a presence in over 135 countries, Elements has become the premier resource for government services providers. The program was created by Elements and its team of experts to specifically cater to the needs of government contractors. GoGlobalGov offers prime and sub-contractors a customized solution of Elements’ award-winning direct EOR, Administrative Services Outsourcing (ASO), business process outsourcing (BPO) services and Global Business Consulting services which are proven to help win and rapidly scale up global bid-to-win projects.

“Elements partners with the industry’s leading experts and has a unique understanding of what government services providers are looking for when it comes to winning and executing projects on a global level,” said Rick Hammell, CEO and Founder of Elements Global Services. “We continue to see demand for a solution that offers contractors access to services and expertise under one platform. GoGlobalGov is designed to simplify the process and provide the infrastructure needed to bid and execute projects throughout the world.”

GoGlobalGov is powered by Elements’ recently launched cutting-edge HR tech tools, including Expandopedia, a global business intelligence platform, and ApprovPay, its proprietary global payroll and benefits management platform. GoGlobalGov offers a holistic solution that enables contractors to quickly onboard and manage projects in over 135 countries around the world, while meeting all regulatory and legal requirements globally, regionally and locally.

“Elements has worked hard to become the first-choice subcontractor for government services contractors looking to win and execute projects around the globe,” said Hammell. “As contractors look to take advantage of the incoming USAID and Department of Defense projects made possible by the newly freed up funds, GoGlobalGov and Elements are ideally situated to help contractors succeed with our collection of the right solutions, tools and expertise.”

GoGlobalGov is based out of Elements’ office in Washington, D.C. and managed by JoHannah Harrington, Vice President of Compliance and Government Relations at Elements.

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