EdApp Chosen by Communicorp UK as Preferred Learning Management System to Revolutionise Learning

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EdApp today announces that their Learning Management System (LMS) has been deployed by Communicorp UK to transform the way their Broadcast Media workforce learns hrtech news.

Communicorp UK is an award-winning Broadcast Media company that is home to some of the most exciting brands in UK radio including Capital, Heart and Smooth Radio Networks hrtech. Founded in 2014, Communicorp UK employs over 100 individuals and partners with over 2,500 businesses annually. Communicorp UK owns 9 stations across the UK and provides its clients with a full range of marketing services with a focus on delivering a strong ROI.

With EdApp’s mobile-first microlearning platform, Communicorp UK can swiftly deploy highly interactive lessons to their hundreds of employees across the UK.

CEO of EdApp, Darren Winterford said, “EdApp is currently deployed by market leaders around the globe in FMCG, Automotive, Retail, Health, and Finance to name a few. Our data-driven mobile-first platform and its ease of integration are what delivers results to all industries, which makes us excited to welcome Communicorp onboard as an influential contributor in Broadcast Media.”

Grace Hannah, Director of People at Communicorp UK said, “EdApp’s intuitive interface and comprehensive template library makes it simple to integrate courseware and educate Communicorp UK’s dynamic workforce. Since many of our employees are in the field, having a mobile-first platform that’s easily accessible both on and offline is one element that sets EdApp apart from other eLearning platforms.”

With the implementation of EdApp’s microlearning platform, Communicorp UK can now deploy the integrated cloud-based authoring and delivery to provide a better learning outcome.

Darren said, “The core team behind Ed have worked extensively with leading psychologists and early microlearning pioneers to validate our approach. We are thrilled to have leading brands like Communicorp deploying the EdApp platform to reaching their L&D goals.”

About Communicorp UK
Communicorp UK is home to some of the most exciting brands in UK radio including Capital networks in Scotland and South Wales, Heart Radio networks in Yorkshire and North Wales, Smooth Radio networks in the North East, North West and East Midlands as well as XS in Manchester. Our stations have a total reach of 3.422 million adult listeners a week and command 24.796 million adult listening hours each week. Communicorp UK works with over 2,500 businesses each year and we provide clients with a full range of marketing services with a focus on delivering a strong ROI.

Source: RAJAR/Ipsos-MORI/RSMB six months ended September 2019 within the combined Communicorp UK TSA

About EdApp
EdApp is an award-winning microlearning-based and mobile-first Learning Management System (LMS). Designed to provide engaging, mobile-first user experiences, the EdApp platform provides Enterprise with the ability to deliver training directly to their workforces’ smartphones, resulting in record engagement rates. EdApp delivers around 45,000 lessons per day across more than 30 countries and counting.


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