EasyMovie announces € 5 million funding round with Ring Capital

Planned expansion of US operations and investment in development to further support momentum

content management system

There are many benefits to employee generated content, also referred to as EGC, and businesses are now seeking ways to empower their employees to more easily create engaging content for both internal and external communications, content management system. Additionally, as many employers continue to seek new and better ways to improve their knowledge sharing practices, they are finding video content to be the ideal medium.

EasyMovie’s video creation solution enables businesses to empower all of their employees to autonomously, economically and efficiently create hundreds of professional quality videos for every type of business communication via a mobile application, all while controlling the consistency of content, branding and design elements via a centralized SaaS platform.

Founded in 2013, EasyMovie is headquartered in Paris and has operated an office in New York since 2016. Over the past 6 years, EasyMovie has become the premier solution for employee generated video content production for several internationally recognized brands, including L’Oréal and AXA.

With Ring Capital’s recent funding, EasyMovie plans to accelerate the adoption of their solution, focusing on expanding their United States operations, including the opening of a second office in San Francisco. Furthermore, EasyMovie plans to continue to improve upon their overall offering, investing in both product development and customer success management.

As businesses seek solutions to empower their employees to more efficiently and effectively share their knowledge, EasyMovie is in a position to assist them to easily create professional quality, employee generated video content to support their efforts.”  Nicolas Cazeneuve, President and Founder of EasyMovie, shared “We are extremely excited to announce Ring Capital’s investment in EasyMovie, and look forward to what the future will bring as we continue to share our solution with the market.”


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