Docebo Acquires Edugo.AI Learning Technology

Accelerates Investment and Significantly Expands Generative AI Technology Roadmap


Docebo Inc. (NASDAQ: DCBO; TSX:DCBO) (“Docebo” or the “Company”), a leading learning platform provider with a foundation in artificial intelligence (AI) and innovation, announced today it has acquired Edugo.AI (“Edugo”), a Generative AI-based Learning Technology that uses advanced Large Language Models (LLM) and algorithms to optimize learning paths and adapt to individual learner needs. Docebo’s acquisition of Edugo is focused on two main objectives: enhancing its existing AI capabilities and adding new capabilities to the Docebo platform to better serve its customers. Financial details were not disclosed.

“The effective application of Generative AI is defining the future competitiveness of the learning industry, and Docebo is leading the charge through commercial products that solve everyday learning challenges for our customers. By integrating Edugo’s proprietary LearnChain technology and extensive engineering expertise into our solutions and product development organization, we are adding to the disruptive innovation engine that has established Docebo as an industry leader in artificial intelligence and learning automation. This applies to each of the internal and external use case solutions we provide to our customers,” said Docebo’s Founder & CEO, Claudio Erba.

The executive leadership team at Docebo expects that the acquired technologies will significantly strengthen the company’s AI innovation roadmap in the following strategically critical areas:

  • Expansion of Docebo Shape – rapidly automating the creation of e-learning course content from both customer-specific and internet sources
  • Virtual Interactive Capability – introduce capability to provide solution-specific AI simulations, allowing learners to practice soft skills with real time AI feedback
  • AI-based Skill Tagging – leveraging AI to automatically match ontologies and ensure consistency across systems, as skills ontology varies from one customer to another
  • Hyper-personalized learner experience – with the integration of AI, learning paths can be adapted to the learner based on their content interaction in the platform
  • Semantic search – improved content accessibility and embedded search functionality is expected to enhance the dependability and rapidity of search results based on the learner’s needs
  • Acqui-hiring of key talent – Docebo’s product development team expects to add highly specialized, domain expert engineers with extensive expertise in Generative AI

“We’ve always believed in the transformative power of generative AI in the learning industry. Since our inception four years ago, we’ve been building our Learning Management System (LMS) with AI at its core. Our proprietary architecture, LearnChain, has served as the groundwork for integrating GPT language models into our LMS,” said Giuseppe Tomasello, Founder & CEO of Edugo. He added, “Now, as we become part of Docebo, we’re thrilled to bring our robust AI infrastructure to Docebo, enhancing AI capabilities and transforming the interactions across the Docebo LMS including Docebo Shape. We are excited about the opportunity this acquisition presents for the future of corporate learning. The vision and commitment of the entire Docebo team towards shaping the future of learning in the era of AI have always impressed us. We are eager to contribute to this vision and play a part in reshaping the way companies deliver learning in this new industrial revolution.”

As part of the transaction, Mr. Tomasello has been appointed as Docebo’s Vice President of AI. In this role, he will continue to drive Docebo’s Generative AI roadmap and deliver a first-mover advantage in the building and integration of these features.

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