Cornerstone and Udacity Expand Learning Reach

Udacity partnership will further enhance Cornerstone’s growing content portfolio with best-in-class, expert-driven content for professional skills and technology


Cornerstone OnDemand Inc., a leader in workforce agility solutions, announced that Discovery and Fluency content from Udacity, a leader in digital education training, is now available within Cornerstone Content Subscriptions (formerly known as Cornerstone Content Anytime (CCA)), offering premium technology content, co-created with industry leaders such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Cornerstone will leverage Udacity’s deep expertise in the development and delivery of proprietary technology courses that blend the flexibility of online learning with the benefits of human instruction. Cornerstone’s industry leading Content Subscriptions has more than 1,500 customers and 4.1 million subscribed users who have completed more than 11 million course registrations and 150 million minutes spent learning in 2023 alone. Together with Udacity, Cornerstone will accelerate the power of learning, drive people growth, and support organizations as they develop the skills of the future to drive business transformation.

More than 200 premium partners are available on Cornerstone Content Subscriptions with the potential to reach 7,000 customers and 125 million learners. Each subscription is thoughtfully curated to enable every company to develop their workforce with high-quality content that builds in-demand skills. Cornerstone Content Subscriptions feature award-winning originals produced in-house and courses from top brands and qualified experts, spanning topics like professional skills, modern compliance, leadership and management, and technology.

Following Accenture’s recent acquisition of Udacity, Udacity content is now available in Cornerstone’s Professional Skills and Technology Subscriptions. Udacity content is produced in-house and held to quality and experience consistency standards, ensuring expertly curated content for all learners. Together, Cornerstone and Udacity will upskill today’s talent for the careers of the future and enhance the development experience for millions of learners seeking in-demand digital skills.

“As today’s workplace continues to grapple with rapid change that requires unique and agile skillsets, modern learning content remains among the greatest investments an HR leader can make for their employees and their organization,” said Giri Coneti, Cornerstone’s General Manager of Content. “Cornerstone’s continued prioritization of and investment in its Content business shows its dedication to meeting the learning needs of today’s digital economy. Through our partnership with Udacity and expansion of our content offerings, Cornerstone is empowering people to take control of their career paths and setting them up for success today and in the future.”

Cornerstone’s partnership with Udacity comes on the heels of new research showing challenges for organizations to adequately skill their talent to keep up with the pace of change driven by digitization, automation, and artificial intelligence. According to Cornerstone’s 2024 Workforce Readiness Gap Report, 60% of enterprise leaders believe that AI has increased the pace of workplace change, and 63% don’t believe their workforce is adaptable to change. Further Cornerstone research showed only 59% of employees feel confident in their organization’s ability to develop skills, compared to 88% of employers – creating a 29-point gap. With its growing content ecosystem, Cornerstone aims to equip customers with expertly curated and relevant content subscriptions to build digital fluency and skills to address this growing workforce readiness gap.

“Udacity chose to partner with Cornerstone because the relationship offers a unique opportunity to engage Cornerstone’s fantastic client base, significantly expanding our reach and enabling us to accelerate our mission of delivering impactful and cutting-edge tech education,” said Kai Roemmelt, Udacity CEO. “We’re excited about the potential shared growth between Cornerstone and Udacity, now forging futures in tech together.”

About Udacity

Udacity, part of Accenture, is a talent transformation platform that helps individuals, organizations, and governments drive innovation with cutting-edge tech education. With more than 1,400 mentors since its inception and a vast library of exclusive content created alongside industry leaders, Udacity has reached more than 21 million registered learners and offers courses in multiple languages including English, Arabic, Korean, and Spanish. Udacity serves more than 100 enterprise customers including Siemens, Bertelsmann, BNP Paribas, Leidos, Mazda, and the United States Air Force. Udacity collaborates with more than 200 global industry partners including Google, Mercedes-Benz, and NVIDIA to power its technical upskilling programs and courses.

About Cornerstone

Cornerstone powers the potential of organizations and their people to thrive in a changing world. Cornerstone Galaxy, the complete AI-powered workforce agility platform, meets organizations where they are. With Galaxy, organizations can identify skills gaps and development opportunities, retain and engage top talent, and provide multimodal learning experiences to meet the diverse needs of the modern workforce. More than 7,000 organizations and 125 million users in 186 countries use Cornerstone Galaxy to build high-performing, future-ready organizations and people today.

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