Concern and Talkspace Remove Barriers to Mental Health Support through Text Therapy

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Concern, a leading workplace wellbeing solutions provider, announces the integration of Talkspace online therapy into its comprehensive behavioral health and wellbeing services. This integration affirms Concern’s commitment to deploying innovative tools that remove barriers to utilization, such as stigma, time, and access constraints hrtech news.

“We strive to reach employees needing wellbeing support earlier and offer more options for help. Messaging-based therapy is a natural next step,” said Cecile Currier, Concern’s Chief Executive Officer. “Its flexibility and confidentiality can engage employees in a way that traditional methods may not. Talkspace is an ideal partner because they share our goal of making effective wellbeing solutions accessible to everyone.”

Concern differentiates itself through its unique approach of integrating partners like Talkspace into its existing digital platform. Unlimited messaging therapy is offered as part of a highly-customized experience facilitated through Luma™, Concern’s proprietary digital interface. After completing a simple online assessment, employees receive personalized resources and counseling recommendations based on their acuity level. Some employees are matched with in-person counseling, while others are matched to online options such as Talkspace hrtech

Luma’s guidance ensures that each employee receives the most appropriate solutions to meet their needs. Employees can easily access resources anywhere from the convenience of a phone, tablet, or computer 24/7/365. Established mental health solutions tend to focus on intervention for those who are in crisis. Luma’s streamlined delivery engages more employees earlier in the process before problems escalate employee wellness.

The addition of Talkspace enables Concern to bring behavioral health services to a wider audience. The secure, confidential, and convenient online therapy service offers an appealing alternative to employees who are reticent to engage in face-to-face counseling.

“We’re excited that Talkspace is being incorporated into Concern’s employee wellbeing solutions and integrated with Luma, their leading-edge digital platform,” said Lynn Hamilton, Talkspace Chief Commercial Officer. “Concern and Talkspace are a natural fit, as solution providers using technology to break down barriers to quality behavioral health services.”

About Concern
Concern provides high-quality employee mental and emotional wellbeing support to organizations across the globe – for more resilient and happier employees. To learn how Concern can help your organization—including Talkspace integration—visit


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