CodeSignal Introduces New Industry Standards

Announces IO Psychology-led Skills Evaluation Lab to improve the quality of candidate evaluations, ensure assessment and interview compliance, and create a fair and consistent hiring process

CodeSignal, a technical interview and assessment platform, today announced new industry standards for technical assessment, “Skills Evaluation Frameworks.” These standards were developed by CodeSignal’s new Skills Evaluation Lab to advance the science of skills evaluation for technical roles.

CodeSignal’s Skills Evaluation Frameworks are role-relevant assessments that are written and maintained by subject matter experts and validated by Industrial-Organizational (IO) Psychologists.

These frameworks are built from a research-backed set of requirements and guidelines that enable CodeSignal customers to consistently identify qualified candidates for their roles. CodeSignal’s frameworks support question variations at scale, which mitigates the impact of leaked questions—a common and unavoidable occurrence in tech hiring—by ensuring that no two candidates see the same series of questions. IO Psychologists continue to monitor the assessments to ensure questions are of equal difficulty, accurately measure critical skills for the role, and don’t introduce adverse impact.

The Skills Evaluation Lab, which developed these new standards, is made up of the company’s teams of PhD-level IO Psychologists and Assessment Design Engineers—engineers from diverse disciplines trained in best practices for creating fair and relevant coding tasks to assess candidates for many different roles. Members of the Skills Evaluation Lab develop, validate, maintain, and ensure compliance for CodeSignal’s Tech Screen and Pre-Screen assessments, as well as coding questions for live interviews.

Additionally, the Skills Evaluation Lab sets rigorous standards for fairness and bias reduction in technical hiring practices to help companies bolster their initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“In the work they have done with our customers, our own assessment design engineers and IO Psychologists have already made incredible improvements to how companies hire engineers,” said Tigran Sloyan, CEO and co-founder of CodeSignal. “The launch of Skills Evaluation Frameworks and the Skills Evaluation Lab will allow these experts to further innovate in this area and to drive systemic change that will reduce biases in hiring and connect companies with the most qualified talent.”

“The Skills Evaluation Lab represents CodeSignal’s commitment to the science and rigor involved in talent assessment,” said Sylvia Mol, IO Psychologist and Head of the Skills Evaluation Lab at CodeSignal. “By conducting job analyses and implementing our Skills Evaluation Frameworks, we’ve been able to help customers redesign their entire technical hiring process to be more streamlined, fair and consistent, and relevant to various engineering specialities.”

CodeSignal’s Skills Evaluation Lab aims to innovate the field of technical skills assessment to be more reliable, predictive, and fair. Learn more about the validated Skills Evaluation Frameworks here.

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