coAmplifi unveils online work platform

As the U.S. economy continues to slow with increasing inflation and interest rates companies have transitioned to remote work. This enables their employees to increase their productivity.


During the pandemic many companies were forced to transition their employees to work from home. As online platforms like Zoom became a popular platform for workers to meet and conduct business, more and more companies started to notice an increase in employee performance.

As inflation and interest rates continue to climb in the United States people are spending more money than usual for basic necessities like housing, food and gas. Working from home can begin to save money for workers and give them more time to spend with family, friends and opportunities to enjoy the things they want to do in life.

Companies are now having to conserve time and money to make operations more efficient. This is proving difficult with traditional on site work. As more people move out of large cities they are having to travel long distances to and from work, which can lead to burnout and frustration. They are also sacrificing large portions of their life to a job that can be done from home.

CuraeSoft is addressing these problems and presenting solutions for a healthier work-life balance with their online platform coAmplifi. With 58% of Americans working both in a remote and hybrid environment more businesses should be offering these options as Americans continue to express their needs for different ways to work.

Mark Parinas, founder of CuraeSoft has found that both remote and hybrid work contributes to an increase in employee efficiency. Employees have more time to think and prepare for what needs to be done on any given shift. Employees are also less likely to feel burnt out from long days in an office and feel more comfortable in a work setting of their choosing. Increased efficiency while remote/hybrid working has been shown to give employees a greater sense of humanity because they are not overworking themselves as they feel less restricted and more valued.

One of the worries of remote working is that employees will neglect their daily job duties, but after three years of an increased shift to remote/hybrid working employers have found their employees are actually responsible with their work and have a greater desire to show their progress to both colleagues and management. coAmplifi offers employees more engagement opportunities through their virtual lounges, a newsroom, chat rooms and employee highlights, which all contribute to higher employee engagement.

coAmplifi’s online work platform is proving to be a more timely tool for workers to complete tasks as it becomes easier for them to track and monitor their progress. Employees can also help one another by monitoring each other’s progress. If an employee needs help with anything there will already be others aware of this and they’ll be able to come to the aid of whoever is falling behind. Managers can also track employee production and give assistance when needed.

Remote and hybrid work is helping to bridge gaps between employees and managers. Often employees feel they have been placed in a cage, but they don’t realize that the managers feel the same way. This makes it easier for the two to communicate with each other as the stress of trying to find the right moment to collaborate is eliminated.

When working together in a non stressful environment a more productive team is formed, which boosts company morale on all levels. More work is being done in a timely manner, employees and managers are happier and get to know each other on a more personal level and the company begins to grow faster.

By utilizing coAmplifi organizations save on labor costs as well as address staff shortages. As the cost of real estate skyrockets, remote/hybrid organizations save a significant amount of capital. Further, when a company has the option to work either in a remote or hybrid system people will be more incentivized to gain employment with that company, and have a greater sense of pride as they are able to balance their work and personal life.

coAmplifi is founded and operated by CuraeSoft. The concept for the remote/hybrid work platform came when CuraeSoft was creating digital medical records for healthcare. This made it easier for healthcare professionals to access medical records even when the patients were offsite they realized they could bring the same online concept to the workforce.

Since launching coAmplifi to their employees they have seen their company grow in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without the option to work in either a remote or hybrid environment. Their employees are happier as they are allowed to work from wherever they want, and they have also seen a greater output in employee productivity.

“The effective limiting environment is in people’s minds so by freeing them with remote work and then creating a virtual environment will allow them to showcase what they have delivered, ” states Mark Parinas of CuraeSoft. ‘They’ll showcase it to their peers, they’ll showcase it to their managers, they’ll showcase it to everyone in the organization.”

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