CEO Warrior appoints veteran advisors to new leadership positions

The global business training, coaching and implementation company says the new management team members will add more value to its home service and trade industry members

CEO Warrior

CEO Warrior, a global business training, coaching and implementation organization for service business owners, announced new additions to its leadership team to provide the home service and trade industries with the quality mentoring, coaching and training services the company has long been known to provide.

“Our history has always been, and continues to be, focused on the trade services sector, and we want to ensure that we provide exceptional service and value to our members,” CEO Warrior Interim CEO Scott August said. “We’ve helped hundreds of home service and trade clients grow their businesses throughout the years, and we have a long history of success for our members. These leadership promotions will ensure that our CEO Warrior members will be provided with the skilled mentors they need to build sustainable and significant results.”

August has promoted four of the company’s master advisors and veterans to new positions of leadership, and these appointments include:

  • Kevin Hill, director of training. Hill joined CEO Warrior in April 2023 after spending almost seven years as the director of operations and general manager of C & C Myers, an early CEO Warrior client, leading the company to significant growth and an eventual sale for generational wealth. As a master advisor for CEO Warrior, Hill delivered a number of training programs. He has more than 20 years of experience in leadership and business management, including operations, sales, talent acquisition and retention, training, and process improvement.
  • Jason Noel, director of advisement. Noel joined CEO Warrior in January 2022 as a master advisor. His extensive knowledge of home service business operations, service and installation, team building and customer service has helped CEO Warrior members implement proven processes that grow businesses. His talent in analyzing a home service business’ and identifying opportunities is valued in the industry.
  • Sandy Papavero, director of sales and marketing. Papavero has been a master advisor and growth advisor for CEO Warrior since January 2022. She has a long and successful history of helping home service companies develop highly effective sales and leadership strategies. A certified life and mindset coach with a specialty in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Papavero aids in replacing old belief systems to what is achievable in your business and personal life. During her career, she spent time as a sales consultant for well-known training gurus Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes.
  • Caroline Moriarty, director of business development and community. As CEO Warrior’s director of business development, Moriarity will be expanding her role. She is an experienced industry veteran and heads the company’s vendor partner program. In her expanded role, she will ensure that members get more out the company’s coaching and training programs.

“In addition to our investment in bringing our members trainers and leaders from the home service and trade business world, we have also developed a robust training calendar for 2024 that delivers the highest-level of training and implementation programs in the world,” August said. “We are committed to maintaining open communication with our members, and, most importantly, we want to continue to provide trade-specific training and resources to our warrior members.”

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