Censia wins 2024 Excellence in AI Award, Generative AI Talent Search

Censia Talent Intelligence's Generative AI Talent Search is powered by Censia's best-in-class, multidimensional talent data.

Generative AI

The Business Intelligence Group announced its Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program winners, naming Censia a leader in Generative AI. Censia’s Generative AI Talent Search is an entirely conversational multidimensional talent search tool that allows users to ask detailed questions about companies, industries, roles, and individuals and receive context-aware responses.

At the heart of Censia’s breakthrough technology is its talent data standard and multidimensional talent data, which the company started building in 2017. Censia has actively collected, cleaned, cataloged, and correlated data on roles, skills, companies, industries, and professionals. It is the first and only technology that enables multidimensional talent profiles and accurate, data-driven predictive talent analytics.

Censia offers AI HR Tech solutions for recruiting, internal mobility, succession planning, and workforce analytics. It can be integrated into any ATS or HCMS, with fully native Workday and SAP SuccessFactors integrations. Censia dramatically reduces the time spent on manual talent tasks while increasing candidate quality and diversity. Developers can also build their solutions using Censia’s Talent Intelligence via API. Censia’s Generative AI Talent Search is currently only available to select customers.

“We are deeply honored by the Business Intelligence Group’s recognition of the significance of Generative AI tools, particularly their application in one of the most vital organizational functions: Human Resources,” states Joanna Riley, CEO and Co-Founder of Censia. “Censia was conceived with the vision of empowering HR professionals to leverage AI to make informed, AI-enhanced talent decisions. The introduction of our generative AI talent search tool is a testament to our commitment to providing organizations with the necessary data and tools to realize their potential and future-proof their workforce fully.”

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