bswift Technology makes Same-Day Pharmacy Benefits possible

Technology enhances the enrollment experience by enabling real-time coverage activation


There are no more waiting games when it comes to prescription drug coverage. bswift LLC, a leader in benefits administration technology, proudly announced the launch of real-time integration with over 68,000 pharmacies nationwide. With bswift’s day-one activation – a “first to market” innovation – employees can access their prescription drug coverage on the first day of eligibility, improving health outcomes by removing barriers to access for employees.

“Our mission is to ensure timely access to the benefits and care people need, supporting them on their journey toward better health and well-being,” said bswift CEO, Ted Bloomberg. “With same-day pharmacy activation, we’re leading the market in benefits accessibility by ensuring medications are available from day one of coverage for millions of Americans.”

About six in 10 adults say they’re currently taking at least one prescription drug, and a quarter report they currently take four or more medications, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.Yet with traditional benefits enrollment processes, patients lack coverage for days or even weeks. Patients should face no delays that leave their conditions untreated while waiting for pharmacy coverage. With bswift and their pharmacy partners, they won’t.

Leveraging its innovative technology platform, bswift ensures seamless access to prescription drug coverage by promptly notifying members of their active pharmacy coverage via email or text so that their health needs go uninterrupted. “We’re proud to lead the industry in removing obstacles between people and their prescriptions,” said John Hansen, Executive Vice President, Strategic Product Management at bswift. “Our new integration supports our mission to improve lives by making benefits simple, smart, and stress-free.”

The strategic advantage for employers is clear – with bswift ensuring real-time health care access, companies can better attract and retain top talent. And employees dealing with health challenges will face fewer barriers to their care.

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