Bright Pattern to Provide COVID-19 Support to Call Center Industry with Cloud Solution

Bright Pattern, leading provider of cloud omnichannel contact center software, is offering special virtual contact center capability for companies impacted by Coronavirus

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Bright Pattern has been closely monitoring the developments around COVID-19 and its impacts on the call center and customer experience industry. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, work from home policies, and social distancing recommendations, Bright Pattern is offering a special virtual call center capability for companies impacted by the coronavirus to enable remote agents hrtech news.

The cloud contact center solution will supplement contact center operations so that organizations can remain productive and deliver a seamless customer experience without compromising the safety of its workforce.

Bright Pattern Cloud Contact Center Solution

The Bright Pattern cloud-based call center solution meets the challenges of a remote call center and enables companies to connect with their customers from anywhere in the world across all time zones. Agents can be located at numerous remote locations, and managed as one central pool of agents. This provides the efficiency of a centrally-based contact center even if agents are geographically dispersed or at-home locations. With Bright Pattern’s omnichannel virtual call center software, a virtual call center agent can see the entire customer journey across all communication channels remotely, thereby providing a meaningful and personal virtual customer experience.

Bright Pattern Cloud Contact Center Features:

  • Business Continuity – Keep your business going no matter what interruptions local offices or business settings face. Bright Pattern has a robust system designed to ensure uninterrupted continuity in the case of a local disaster or facility interruption.
  • Scalability – Bright Pattern cloud call center software allows you to easily supplement your existing workforce with additional remote agents in minimal time.
  • Deploy in Days: Bright Pattern was rated #1 by G2 Crowd for quickest time to deploy out of all CCaaS vendors in the industry with the highest ROI and ROI payback time. Bright Pattern Cloud Contact Center can be deployed in days instead of the weeks it takes most CCaaS vendors.
  • Geographic flexibility – allow agents to access the exact same information that they would typically access in their offices from anywhere with a stable internet connection.
  • Maintain voice quality across geographies – Bright Pattern’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software routes callers to the optimal agent.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected lives and companies around the world and the call center industry is no exception,” said Michael McCloskey, CEO of Bright Pattern. “Bright Pattern’s solutions can be used remotely, where work from home agents can seamlessly supplement companies’ current workforce to provide a personalized and effortless experience to your customers virtually hrtech.”

If you are experiencing a spike in calls as a result of the outbreak or need to deploy a remote workforce, Bright Pattern is prepared to deliver consultations and cloud services to existing and new customers. Please contact us at, call 925-548-0532, or request a demo.


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