BlindData Will Change the Way Companies Hire Software Engineers

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Tech startup BlindData launches an adaptive assessment for software engineering talent. By evaluating programmers on their ability to read and write code, BlindData helps employers go beyond the resume to make the right technical hires.

BlindData’s key innovations are the adaptive nature of their assessment, the breadth of programming questions they have curated and their industry benchmark scoring system. Candidates complete a sequence of programming tasks computer-adapted to their performance, an approach used in the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) required by graduate schools across the United States. Building on early successes with top banks and financial firms in New York City, BlindData benchmarks results against the nearly 20,000 software engineers they’ve evaluated to date.

Technical assessments are part of a broader shift in the hiring community. With the hiring climate heating up and an ever-increasing demand for technical talent, companies across all industries are constantly competing to attract the best technical candidates. Employers and candidates alike seek an improved technical recruiting experience, and many are dissatisfied with the existing options for technical assessments.

“Working in tech involves synthesizing solutions to novel problems by putting together the basic building blocks in the right way,” said Saketh Are, BlindData’s head of technology. “Existing static assessments struggle to capture that process: unless the candidate does everything perfectly, a static test cannot discern which parts of a complex problem they did well on and which parts they stumbled over.”

BlindData believes there is more to a candidate than what’s written on their resume. In addition to experience and qualifications, incorporating BlindData into the hiring process allows employers to get a complete picture of their technical candidates.

BlindData’s assessment is available to all employers as a free 90-day trial.


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