BioTalent Canada Awards 2020 Catalyst Award for Top New Hire


BioTalent Canada announced today that Jenna Storoschuk has won the 2020 Catalyst Award for Top New Hire.

Jenna earned this recognition for her contributions as a CleanSlate UV co-op student. CleanSlate UV is a healthcare start-up that harnesses UV light to sanitize mobile devices. She joined CleanSlate UV through BioTalent Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) wage subsidy.

“(The 2020 Catalyst Award for New Hire) is a huge honour for me,” says Jenna Storoschuk, University of Waterloo Biomedical Engineering student. “I went into that position not really having any experience with cloud development and to come out of it with a full-functioning product meant a lot to me. That’s the wonders of co-op: you come out of these positions with a whole new skill set and different career opportunities.”

CleanSlate UV welcomed Jenna on for a four-month placement in 2019. Her task was to work on the initial phase of an analytics software that gives full visibility into the usage of CleanSlate UV’s mobile device sanitization hardware. In four months, Jenna conceptualized, built, pilot tested, and prepared the software for beta launch.

“Jenna’s great initiative and leadership skills got this project done,” explains Manjunath Anand, Chief Technology Officer at CleanSlate UV. “She took the time to understand our vision, mission and values. Because of this, and her work ethic, she completed a project that has had a measurable impact on the success of CleanSlate UV.”

Her work proved timely. Today, hospitals around the world use CleanSlate UV in the fight against acquired infections. Jenna’s work enables the best use of this technology through analytics and actionable reports.

“Without BioTalent Canada’sSWPP funding, we would have been without co-ops for two years,” explains Anand. “Support from organizations like BioTalent Canada is so important to the Canadian economy. SMEs (small- and medium- enterprise) need this support and BioTalent Canada (wage subsidies) provides it.”

BioTalent Canada wage subsidies have helped shape the future of the Canadian bio-economy since before 2005. More than 2,500 Canadians have started their careers through BioTalent Canada programs.

“Our wage subsidies are meant to assist small- and medium-sized enterprises in Canada’s biotechnology sector to onboard talent and continue innovating,” says Rob Henderson, President and CEO of BioTalent Canada. “It’s an honour to give out this annual award and recognize Canada’s brightest young minds.”

The Catalyst Award for Top New Hire demonstrates the potentially transformative contributions wage subsidies can have on your business. The Student Work Placement Program is one of several wage subsidy programs managed and delivered by BioTalent Canada. Learn more about which programs your organizations may qualify for.


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