Becker Logistics Appoints New CTO

Becker Logistics

Becker Logistics, a third-party logistics company based in Glendale Heights, Ill. is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jamie Weldon as their new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Jamie is the second C-level employee to be brought onto the team within the last two years. The last C-suite was filled in 2021 when Becker announced the hire of CFO Tim McKean.

Jamie Weldon has already provided an impact on the extensive technological growth at Becker. As a 3PL provider, Becker strives to always have an advanced technology department while keeping up with the trend of writing their own software to match the expectations of its partners and customers.

Mr. Weldon has an impressive career background as a technologist, who enjoys being close to the action. He has worked in various roles within the logistics industry, starting with web development for CF AirFreight in Minnesota in 2000. He then progressed to Senior level software engineering positions with Associated Global Systems, then Director of Software Development for SEKO Worldwide. In his last position, he ascended to Sr. VP of Software Development at Coyote Logistics, a public company under UPS. Becker welcomes Mr. Weldon with open arms and undeniable respect for his many accomplishments so far and ready for what the future holds.

“Our IT department has doubled in the last year and we are excited with what the next eight years has in play for us. The third party logistics landscape has been shifting more and more to the technology side and since 2019 we have been writing our own software. Mr. Weldon is someone that is committed and solid to the core with integrity. He couldn’t come at a better time to lead this company with our resources, customer commitments, and employee engagement on this journey of technology and new heights,” said Jim Becker, CEO/Chairman.

“I bring a blended passion for technology, logistics, personal and organizational development to Becker. I’ll use my experience to contribute to our corporate strategy and build strong relationships inside and outside of our organization. My primary goal is to provide solutions to Becker’s employees, customers and carriers that help them grow their businesses by leveraging our shared capabilities and interest to improve supply chain visibility and efficiency. Becker has a great story to tell and is full of experienced logistics professionals. I’m very excited to have this opportunity to ensure our tech builds on that expertise in order to provide value in all our partnerships,” shared Weldon.

Technology is all about innovation and support. Weldon will be accountable for outlining the overall vision of Becker within the technology sphere. In addition, he will be accountable for aligning Becker’s infrastructure with their vendor’s capabilities, conducting R&D, and bringing awareness to the latest innovations that can help inspire and guide exciting future endeavors.

Becker looks forward to the coming years with Jamie as CTO. They plan together to focus on ensuring all technological goals are met so that the new innovative solutions are available to all of their partners in the supply chain.

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