Beable™ Launches Updated, Upgraded TestAhead™

After its initial, successful launch a year ago, an upgraded and enhanced TestAhead ACT/SAT test-prep solution has been launched in time for back-to-school.

After its initial, successful launch a year ago, an upgraded and enhanced TestAhead ACT/SAT test-prep solution has been launched in time for back-to-school, Beable announced today.

Chief Academic Officer Student Gertler commented, “The districts using TestAhead this past year have all pointed to successful implementations, with outcomes for their students that exceeded expectations. This new TestAhead release builds on our initial success by reflecting educator input through additional features.”

Uniquely, TestAhead leverages the newest technologies, including wisdom of the crowd and machine learning, to provide highly personalized test-prep based on each student’s needs and the test they will be taking.

Now, TestAhead includes a full Teacher’s Edition that supports educators in using the solution. The Teacher’s Edition includes detailed overviews, guides, notes, tips and tricks that can be accessed in real time by teachers as their students progress through the program.

TestAhead also supports teacher-led classroom instruction as well as student independent work supported by online coaches. Gertler said, “Our goal at Beable always is to give districts and schools the implementation flexibility they need.”

These and other new features augment the TestAhead engine and its proven ability to empower students to discover their unique strengths — and to use those strengths to build their test-taking skills. TestAhead helps students become faster, more efficient test-takers by learning the three core problem-solving strategies: Precise, Alternative and Logical. And while TestAhead helps students achieve their best scores on the ACT and SAT, it also helps them develop the cognitive flexibility and problem-solving skills that apply from school to the workplace to life.

Importantly, TestAhead extends the boundaries of traditional test-prep by creating real-time Learner Records that reflect the whole student, including personal and career interests and strengths, academic gaps and goals, and college and workplace aspirations. Through their Learner Records, students develop greater self-awareness, building their confidence so they become better test-takers and learners. At the same time, students can start a personalized career exploration journey, discovering the jobs that match their strengths and interests. Learner Records are one of the most acclaimed features in the Beable Life-Ready Literacy® System, and a major new addition to TestAhead.

Beable CEO Saki Dodelson concluded, “Students from disadvantaged backgrounds simply have not had the same opportunity to gain exposure and acquire the skills they need for ACT and SAT success. This has resulted in too many students struggling to pass high school exit exams, to enter technical school or the military, or to attend community college or get accepted to a four-year college. TestAhead changes that…for one and for all.”

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