BairesDev is a Gold Winner of the Brandon Hall Group Tech Awards

Software outsourcing company wraps up the year with Gold for Best Advance in Unique Talent Management Technology


BairesDev®, a leading nearshore software solutions company, has received a gold medal at Brandon Hall Group’s 2022 Excellence in Technology Awards in the category for Best Advance in Unique Talent Management Technology.

The award recognizes the quality of BairesDev’s expert teams, which are created through a proprietary AI algorithm. The algorithm analyzes clients’ requirements and the characteristics of available talent, from expertise level to languages and technologies. As a result, BairesDev assembles and engineers expert teams that efficiently match the needs of each client in an average of two weeks. The allocation algorithm allows the company to increase its client base while constantly improving its customer satisfaction because firms can free up management resources and focus on key growth drivers.

“Being recognized by Brandon Hall Group for our talent management is a testimony to the efficacy of our allocation algorithms that guide team formation at BairesDev,” said Nacho De Marco, CEO of BairesDev. “We have no doubt that the world is the new tech hub, and as a fully-remote global company, we have access to a diverse talent pool of over 1 million yearly applicants, one of the keys to finding the top 1% that we strategically connect with our client’s needs.”

Co-founded in 2009 by engineers Paul Azorin and De Marco, BairesDev is one of the world’s fastest-growing software solutions companies. Fully remote, the BairesDev team is made up of 4,000+ highly vetted professionals based in 40+ countries. In under two weeks, BairesDev builds a team of the best-qualified engineers who rapidly and efficiently deliver technology solutions and value to clients.

BairesDev received a number of industry awards in 2022, including being named to Inc.’s “Best in Business” list and making  Inc. 5000’s Regional and National lists of the fastest-growing private companies. BairesDev also won recognition for  Best Agile Project at the North American Software Testing Awards.

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