Astound Broadband Launches Direct Routing Service for Microsoft Teams

Astound Business Customers can now make calls directly from Microsoft Teams


Astound Broadband, the 6th-largest U.S. Cable provider, today announced the launch of Direct Routing Service for Microsoft Teams, enabling its Business Solutions customers nationwide to integrate reliable, high-quality voice calling into Teams, a real-time workspace for collaboration and communication. This comes at a time when demand for collaboration platforms and remote working solutions continues to soar.

Astound is deploying Direct Routing for Teams to support larger enterprise organizations looking to enable PSTN calling in Teams, by integrating voice calling connectivity through Astound. Astound Business Solutions customers can now make dependable, high-quality voice calls directly from their Teams application. This allows for richer, more productive collaboration across all employees, wherever they are located. With this offering, Astound business customers have the flexibility to choose between Teams for voice calling as well as their existing phone system — whichever they prefer in the moment.

“While collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams have become more popular than ever, voice communication remains a vital part of employee collaboration and productivity,” said Patrick Knorr, Chief Commercial Officer for Astound Business Solutions. “Businesses across the country have made clear to us that they want to seamlessly integrate calling capabilities directly into their collaboration platforms, and Direct Routing for Teams does just that.”

The new integration enables:

  • Improved workflow and call quality. Users can make calls from anywhere, via their office line or through their Teams application.
  • Greater productivity. Employees enjoy seamless voice capabilities right within Teams.
  • Reduced costs. Helps business lower phone bills with greater use of IP Telephony.
  • Faster, smoother migration. Supports existing phone systems, avoiding migration disruptions.
  • Flexible compatibility. Direct Routing turns Teams into a cloud telephony solution, available on any device running the Teams application.

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