Ashby Launches Publicly With over 500 Customers

Ashby secures $21.5M Series B funding round led by F-Prime Capital


Ashby, the all-in-one recruiting platform for high-growth startups and enterprise companies launches publicly today with over 500 paying customers and $21.5 million in Series B funding. The round was led by F-Prime Capital with participation from Elad Gil, Lachy Groom, Semper Virens, Base Case Capital, Gaingels, as well as over a 100 customers, partners, and operators. The new injection of capital will be used to scale operations, engineering, and go-to-market teams.

Ashby was founded with the mission of redefining the applicant tracking system (ATS) category. By providing talent teams with powerful analytics, streamlined workflows, smart automation, and intuitive recruiting stack built into a single system, high-growth companies are able to unlock hiring excellence. The impact can be seen in real-time through reliable data visibility that supports lean, high-ROI recruiting operations. An improved candidate experience lessens friction and cost associated with the overall recruiting stack.

“In my previous role as an engineering leader, hiring was always my top priority and yet existing solutions weren’t supporting our hyper-growth hiring needs adequately. At the same time, recruiting was undergoing a huge change with a sharper focus on analytics and operations,” said Benji Encz, CEO and Co-Founder of Ashby. “With Ashby, we are building products tailored for the next generation of operations-minded recruiting teams so that they can scale from their first hire to employee number 10,001. Incredible industry leaders have trusted Ashby to help them hire the right team, and we couldn’t be more proud of the product and team we have built after three years in stealth.”

“Fast-growing companies are continuing to raise the bar on talent quality, but in this time of constrained resources they need to operate efficiently as well. This means recruiting teams are being challenged to deliver more high-quality candidates per unit of effort, and demonstrate the ROI of their work to their business partners,” said Jay Farber, Venture Partner at F-Prime Capital. “Being the operating system for any core business function is a recession-proof business, as the history of ATSs demonstrates. By building a tool that’s loved by recruiters and hiring managers alike, Ashby is poised to impact industry hiring practices across the board.”

Ashby’s all-in-one recruiting product incorporates candidate sourcing and outreach, automated scheduling, and hyper-customizable reports, dashboards, and automated alerts. With a straightforward setup and customizable software, the process of building a trusted and capable team is easier than ever; aimed at encouraging flexibility and improved integration as hiring managers navigate the complexities of company growth and expansion.

“We have used Ashby to scale our team by over 350% over the past two years and have been blown away by the impact it has had on our ability to manage our pipeline and deliver a consistently great candidate experience. The data visualization and reporting has also been unlike anything else I have seen,” said Sjamilla van der Tooren, Head of Recruitment at VanMoof. “Being able to proactively communicate with finance and hiring managers has improved our diversity, enabled us to make more data driven decisions, and saves us several hours each week.”

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