Aperian launches Aperian Live, redefining corporate learning

Aperian launches Aperian Live, a groundbreaking subscription-based live training service that provides learners with convenient access to a full calendar of facilitated sessions on topics that empower more inclusive teamwork, innovation, and growth.


Aperian, a global leader in cultural competence and diversity training solutions, proudly announces its latest innovation in workplace learning and development: Aperian Live. This subscription-based service reimagines the landscape of live, facilitator-led training, empowering learners to take charge of their professional development.

Aperian Live offers an extensive selection of open-enrollment live facilitated sessions across a diverse array of topics, including how to build trust, disrupt bias, deliver effective feedback, boost team performance, understand complex identities, and more. Learners can also discover more about their GlobeSmart® Profile and how their work style impacts their behavior when working with others. While traditional on-demand learning is fully asynchronous, Aperian Live makes the knowledge and support of expert facilitators more accessible than ever.

This unique approach enables employees to seamlessly integrate learning into their busy schedules, taking control of their learning journey at their convenience. They can register for sessions that work with their schedule and relate to their personal learning goals directly in the Aperian platform. Aperian Live gives learners at all levels the opportunity to engage with others and receive guidance from our global team of experts that can make the difference for their everyday collaboration with others.

As one Aperian Live participant shares, “Carving out time to deliberately explore and reflect is always helpful—especially in a productive, collaborative, informative setting like this.”

“Traditional facilitated training sessions often pose logistical challenges and substantial costs for companies,” says Mike Greto, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-President at Aperian. “Recognizing that learning and development budgets are tightening, Aperian Live eradicates these barriers, delivering unparalleled and affordable access to high-quality, scalable live learning experiences.”

By dismantling the logistical and administrative complexities of traditional training sessions, organizations can create sustainable cultures of learning that make an impact on a personal, team, and organizational level. Employees can connect with other learners, expand their knowledge of culture and work styles, and learn how to effectively navigate the realities of a globalized and diverse workforce.

“At Aperian, we understand that learning is a journey, not a one-time event,” says Amanda Worsfold, Chief Product Officer and Co-President at Aperian. ” We are excited to empower our learners to join live sessions when they choose, at a time that works best for them. We know that when learners drive their own experience, they are more motivated to integrate the learning, which drives meaningful growth for both the employee and the organization.”

Aperian Live marks a new era in corporate education, where learning is not confined by time or location. It joins other tools in the Aperian learning platform, where learners from anywhere in the world can engage with live training, self-paced learning modules, the GlobeSmart Profile, 100+ GlobeSmart Guides, the Inclusive Behaviors InventorySM, and other tools for building cultural competence and inclusion learning journeys.

As the global workplace continues to evolve, Aperian remains committed to pioneering innovative learning solutions that enable individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive in diverse and inclusive environments.

For more information about Aperian Live and to explore subscription options, please visit aperian.com/aperian-live or contact an Aperian team member to discuss other solutions to empower your organization to greater inclusion, efficiency, innovation, and growth.\

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