AnkerWork Launches PowerConf H700, a Wireless WFH Headset


AnkerWork, Anker Innovation’s work-from-home brand, today announced the PowerConf H700, its first wireless, enterprise-grade conferencing headset. The H700 features unique meeting recording and transcription capabilities, AI-powered noise reduction, hybrid ANC and a convenient charging stand.

Ultimate Work-From-Home Headset:
The Anker PowerConf H700 is designed to deliver crystal-clear audio for both sides of the call, using two noise-reducing technologies. This includes AI-enhanced noise reduction powered by VoiceShield™, that helps eliminate background noise from being picked up by the microphone as well as hybrid ANC, to ensure a user can clearly hear the conversation in even the noisiest environments.

“For many, the ability to record or take notes during a call is important. But it’s also awkward and often inaccurate while in a conversation,” said Eric Villines, Head of Global Communications at Anker Innovations. “The H700 is the first on-ear, conference headset that can both record and create direct transcriptions of calls, giving users the freedom to stay focused on what’s being said in their meetings.”

No More Meeting Minutes:
The PowerConf H700 is the first wireless conference headset to be integrated with a call recording and transcription service. During calls, audio can be recorded to a computer using AnkerWork’s conferencing software, and then later retrieved and quickly transcribed into text. The AnkerWork software is compatible with Windows 7 and above (1) and macOS Mojave 10.14 and above.

At time of launch, the H700 transcription service will support English and Chinese, with support for Japanese and German currently planned for 2022. Included in their purchase of the H700, users will receive 1,000 free minutes of transcription service.

No Wires Required
The PowerConf H700 can be connected to a PC or Mac using AnkerWork’s USB-A dongle** or via Bluetooth to any mobile device. Once connected, the H700 will work seamlessly with popular meeting and conference platforms.

24 Hours of Talk-Time and Fast Docked Charging
AnkerWork’s new H700 headset delivers 24 hours of talk-time on a single charge and comes with an optional charging stand, which, in addition to reducing clutter on the desk, means the headset is charged and ready to go at any time. Additionally, just five minutes of charging will give the H700 headset a three-hour boost in talk-time.

For added convenience, the headset maintains its wireless Bluetooth connection while docked as well as while charging through USB-C. The light on the end of the boom will also flash to indicate an incoming call.

Other Features Include:

  • Smart Mute: Simply mute using a number of methods including touch controls, lifting the mic boom up in vertical position, or removing the mic-side earcup off the ear.
  • Customizable Design: Includes articulating earcups for added comfort and reversible mic boom to support both right and left side mic usage.
  • Multiple Listening Modes: ANC on/off and transparency on/off
  • Multi-Point Compatible: Can be connected to two devices at the same time (e.g., a computer and a mobile device).
  • Convenient Charging: Supports both USB-C charging as well as while using the optional charging stand.
  • Big and Clear Sound: 40mm audio drivers
  • Noise Reducing Microphones: There are 5 noise-reducing microphones, including 2 located in the boom
  • All-Day Battery Life: 21-hours (ANC) / 24 hours of talk-time (ANC off) / 100+ hours on standby
  • Home, Office and On The Road: Includes a semi-hard travel case to keep headsets safe
  • Incoming Phone Call: Indicator light on the end of the boom signals an incoming call.

AnkerWork, today also unveiled a non-ANC version of the H700, the PowerConf H500 with 3 noise-reducing microphones. The H500 can also be purchased with an optional wireless charging stand and will also feature AnkerWork’s meeting recording and transcription service.

Price & Availability:
The Anker PowerConf H700 is available for purchase today in the United States and Germany on and In the United Kingdom, it can be purchased on The Anker PowerConf H500 is available today for pre-order on and in the U.S., Germany and the UK.

Pricing information and product links are as follows:




Charging Stand

Charging Stand



Anker PowerConf H700 (w/ANC)

US: $199.99

UK: £159.99

DE: €169.99

US: $179.99

UK: £139.99

DE: €149.99






Anker PowerConf H500

US: $149.99

UK: £119.99

DE: €139.99

US: $129.99

UK: £109.99

DE: €119.99







Additional product details including press materials and product images, can be found here.

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(1) Support for Windows 11 using the AnkerWork conferencing software is currently being tested to ensure compatibility.

(2) Recording and transcription services built into the AnkerWork conferencing software requires use of the wireless USB-A dongle, connected to a computer.

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