AMS cements technology leadership position with launch of AMS One


AMS continues to cement its position as the leader in the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) sector today with the launch of AMS One, its proprietary RPO Operating system.

AMS One is a digital platform, built to optimize the delivery of RPO talent solutions for AMS clients. With a focus on client, hiring manager and candidate experience, this new platform has benefitted from AMS’s deep understanding of best practice processes, harnessing the power of 27 years of delivering RPO talent solutions.

AMS One is a flexible operating system with the ability to provide an end-to-end experience for users, or seamlessly integrate with a client’s existing technology stack. It brings considerable benefits to clients including:

  • Better quality hires: AI powered advanced analytics provide data insights to give real-time information on skills availability, market conditions and optimum engagement strategies. This creates talent pools with greater reach, encompassing internal and external candidates on one platform
  • Faster time to hire: recent Talent Climate research indicates time-to-hire rates continue to increase. AMS One streamlines processes to provide an optimized approach which reduces time-to-hire
  • Fairer hiring: the digital platform approach increases the range of diverse talent in the funnel enabling organizations to access untapped talent pools
  • Stronger hiring manager and candidate satisfaction: improvements in experience, timing and transparency in the process and removing the administrative burden to enable sourcers and recruiters to focus on the candidate experience.

AMS One is the latest technology proposition at AMS following the launch of AMS Verified, the talent technology community. AMS Verified enables talent leaders to search for and compare talent technology solutions which are “Verified” by AMS experts. With over 175 vendors and nearing 600 members, this growing community is supporting talent teams across with the globe to the right talent technology stack for their businesses.

Commenting on the launch, AMS CEO, David Leigh said: “Technology is changing the face of how organizations source, select and hire talent. However, for hiring and talent strategies to be successful, the human experience they create is vitally important. At AMS our focus has always been on people, and our experience tells us that deploying the right technology at the right time, can transform our clients’ access to talent, helping them to put the right people in the right jobs. This balance of tech and touch has been at the forefront of every decision we have made in the development of AMS One so that we not only enable our clients’ business success in the short term, but ensure their productivity over the longer term too.”

Mike Brown, AMS’s Managing Director for Digital, Tech and Transformation said: “To build AMS One we have leant on the expertise of our thousands of sourcers, recruiters and consultants, who collectively have unparalleled experience from delivering RPO talent solutions for a vast array of outsourcing programs globally. As a result, we have created a digital RPO operating system that truly enhances every step of the sourcing, selecting, hiring and talent management process. It brings together high-quality tools at each stage of the process – including use cases for AI; a consistent approach to workflow and data – eliminating low value activity; straightforward integrations and ground-breaking operational intelligence to deliver a better, faster, fairer hiring process for clients and candidates.”

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