Activ8 by Activpayroll set to be listed in the Human Resource Software Market on 360Quadrants as a top player

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HR Software

Activ8 by Activpayroll is going to be listed as a top player in the Human Resource Software Market on 360Quadrants. 360Quadrants covers around 177 organizations from the Human Resource Software ecosystem and places the top 20 from the lot in a quadrant depending on their reliability, business outcome, and quality. The hrtech news arena is always on the lookout for the best-performing software solutions.

Activpayroll is a professional service organization that is engaged in integrated international and global payroll solutions, expatriate taxation services, online human resource people management services, and tax-related activities.

The company offers a SaaS solution, Activ8, which is based on the SaaS model and designed with the cutting edge human resource technology to deliver an online system for supporting the enterprise plans, organize payroll processes, and deliver the reports on them.

The hrtech company recently joined the UltiPro Connect Partners program by Ultimate Software. This newly formed alliance has enabled both organizations to infuse their respective solutions to provide their mutual customers the ability to exchange data between the Activ8 platform and UltiPro HCM system. This partnership also brings with it opportunities that will prove to be quite valuable for the companies in the Global Payroll solution that includes the usage of the UltiPro API for providing working and effective payroll solutions.

360Quadrants is the most effective platform that provides a maximum granular comparison and is currently working towards releasing a quadrant on Human Resource Software for supporting organizations to make faster and well-informed decisions. This platform combines inputs from several experts from the industry along with vendors and buyers while conducting extensive secondary research that includes company press releases, white papers, directories, databases, investor presentations, and annual reports, for rating the organizations in every quadrant.

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