AccountantsWorld Launches Payroll Relief Open API for HR Integration

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AccountantsWorld, a leading provider of cloud accounting and payroll solutions, today announced the launch of an open application programming interface (API) for Payroll Relief, its award-winning solution for payroll processing hrtech news.

Payroll Relief’s newly launched open API allows other apps and platforms to integrate with it. It can now be interfaced with Human Resource (HR) Management applications from the marketplace. Thanks to two-way seamless integration, Payroll Relief API now enables permitted data to move securely between it and HR / Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. As of now, two HR solutions – SwipeClock’s Workforce HUB, and Guhroo – are in the final phases of integration, with more integrations are on the way.

“We created Payroll Relief exclusively for professional accountants and payroll service providers. Our focus on payroll technology is relentless,” said Sharada Bhansali, Co-founder and President of AccountantsWorld. “At the same time, cloud technologies have brought HR/HCM solutions within reasonable reach of smaller solutions providers. Therefore, we decided to enable HR/HCM software solutions providers to leverage our deep expertise in payroll technology. This also introduces new service capabilities and revenue potential to our Payroll Relief customers, giving them an important competitive edge, especially for smaller and mid-sized accounting/payroll firms. It will now be possible for our customers to efficiently manage HR, talent, time and attendance, payroll processing, payroll compliance and employee portals for their clients.”

Equally importantly, for the companies served by payroll services providers, this API provides the potential for tremendous productivity gains, as they can now avoid time-consuming, costly, and error-prone duplication of employee and relevant payroll/payroll compliance data across disparate systems. This includes employee demographics, pay types, rates, standard hours, deductions, salary, department, location, direct deposit information, time entry into Payroll Relief from other applications, ability to dynamically set rates for employees per pay cycle, and more.

And HR applications will be able to fetch from Payroll Relief employer information such as EIN, company name, primary and secondary contact information, deductions, pay types, pay schedules, departments, locations, and classifications; employee data such as pay stub or paycheck information, various detailed data points usually present on pay stubs, list of all employees belonging to a company and various details like demographics, pay schedules, deductions, etc., for each employee. The integrating application can also retrieve information for accounting software integration purposes – like all tax payments, third-party payments, and a list of all GL transactions with GL account numbers within a given date range.

“We researched several payroll solutions and found Payroll Relief to be the best value solution out there. We then integrated it with Guhroo to take nearly full-scale HR services to our clients,” said Matt Vaadi, CEO of ERG Payroll. “This powerful combination is also helping us grow both the top-line and bottom-line, helping us triple our payroll business over the last few quarters.

“We are excited to further our integration with Payroll Relief,” said Coleman Barney, President and CEO of SwipeClock. “Our mission is simpler, more efficient workforce management, and Payroll Relief’s open API is an important step in helping more organizations effectively manage all aspects of HR / HCM.”


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