15Five’s Latest: HR Command Center for Performance Management

New Enhancements Include Executive Insights, Strategic Action Planning, and AI-Guided Manager Support, Unlocking the Power of Existing People Data to Drive Higher Performance, Engagement and Retention

performance management

15Five, the strategic performance management platform that drives action and impact, today unveiled a major platform evolution. It gives HR teams a powerful new way to understand the intersection of employee performance, engagement, and retention data, implement strategic action plans, and track measurable impact.

15Five’s evolution comes at a moment when only 2% of Chief Human Resources Officers believe traditional performance management practices inspire their employees to improve, according to a May 7th study from Gallup. The cost of failed performance management totals between $960 billion and $1.2 trillion each year in the U.S., according to a separate Gallup estimate.

“The conventional approach to performance management has been stagnant for decades, but the last thing HR teams need are more needless tactics added to their already overburdened plates,” said Jeff Smith, 15Five’s Chief Product Officer. “Every performance review, employee engagement survey and other HR program yields a wealth of untapped insights. 15Five gives HR teams the power of their data, helping them see and identify what matters most, broker action through managers, and track the impact at every step.”

A strategic command center for performance management

15Five’s HR Outcomes Dashboard is further evolving as a strategic command center for performance management programs, empowering HR leaders to easily explore their own data and develop strategic action plans with leaders and managers.

New capabilities include:

  • Trending insights and data visualizations: Historical trend lines for employee performance, engagement and retention are automatically generated from existing people data. This creates a shared understanding across the entire organization, clarifying what’s working and what’s not.
  • Demographic and performance filters: New filters give HR teams total control over analyzing how HR outcomes vary across demographic attributes such as age, gender, and department, as well as by performance designations and engagement levels. These filters provide deeper insights into specific groups, enabling more targeted and effective HR strategies.
  • Executive dashboards: HR teams can customize and share executive level dashboards with the rest of their leadership team, creating real-time views of performance, engagement, and retention metrics alongside the biggest opportunities for action. This streamlined view helps HR leaders align their leadership teams around swift, impactful decisions tied to key business goals.
  • Centralized, strategic action planning: Once HR leaders commit to a recommended course of action, they can organize their team’s efforts into coordinated campaigns aimed at specific HR outcomes. HR teams can assign specific strategic actions to relevant managers, including tailored 1-on-1 talking points or on-demand manager training aimed at specific skill gaps. From there, HR teams can track progress, hold people accountable, and measure impact.
  • Progress and impact reporting: Enhanced reporting tools show detailed changes in how HR programs are performing, allowing HR leaders to track the impact of their actions over time. By seeing the direct correlation between HR actions and outcomes, leaders can validate their strategies and make necessary adjustments to drive continuous improvement.

“15Five has transformed the way we harness our people data, making it simpler and more strategic without adding to our workload,” said David Pearson, Senior Vice President, People and Culture at ExtensisHR and an early adopter of 15Five’s latest platform evolution. “By focusing on the essential signals within our data, we’ve moved from mere insights to decisive, accountable actions and our management team is now equipped to implement initiatives that show measurable success. Data analytics should tell the story that HR may have been challenged to tell in the past.”

“When performance reviews and engagement surveys don’t result in visible actions, employees lose trust and the c-suite loses faith in HR,” said Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer and Managing Partner of Sapient Insights Group. “HR teams need tools that can convert the mountain of data collected by such initiatives into actionable insights. Additionally, such tools should make it easy for HR to track the impact of actions taken and hold managers accountable. 15Five’s newest updates are a good example of how AI-powered tools can be put to practical use and ensure HR is prioritizing executive-level insights.”

Accelerating manager effectiveness with AI-powered assistance and flexible coaching and training

Strategic HR programs can only scale by successfully activating people managers to build engaged, high-performing teams. 15Five is going further to help HR teams scale manager effectiveness programs with Transform, its manager training and coaching solution delivered live and on-demand. New capabilities include:

  • 15Five’s Manager Copilot, an AI-powered assistant designed specifically for managers, now features open chat interaction to support managers and maximize their effectiveness within the flow of work. Manager Copilot leverages data flowing through 15Five to answer a manager’s questions 24/7 about team engagement levels, ways to improve 1-on-1 meetings, offer recognition that drives motivation and growth, and more.
  • Custom learning journeys with the option to include on-demand content from featured leadership experts, making manager training even more tailored to their unique needs.

“All too often, the traditional HR tech stack focuses on serving the administrative needs of the back office,” said Zachary Chertok, Research Manager for Employee Experience at IDC. “15Five’s newest capabilities generate insights from people data that translate directly into strategic and guided actions in both the front and back offices. Pathing insights directly into actions links the HR remit directly into business value outcomes, while personally driving resources to managers and employees as needed, especially around learning and development.”

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