Wizehire Simplifies Recruiting with New Candidate Texting Feature

Wizehire's Candidate Texting solution can cut interview no-shows by up to 71% and boost interview rates by 26%


Wizehire, a leading hiring solution, announced its Candidate Texting feature today. This new functionality enables organizations to instantly build stronger relationships with top talent, increase engagement, and streamline the hiring process.

Since 90% of job candidates use cell phones for job searches1, Wizehire’s Candidate Texting is designed to accommodate candidates’ busy schedules and keep them engaged, thereby reducing ghosting through real-time communication. Text messaging boosts open rates up to 97%, compared to 20% for email2, enabling employers to reach candidates more effectively and fill open positions faster.

“Wizehire’s Candidate Texting solution addresses an important need in today’s recruiting landscape — communication that resonates with candidates and gets results,” says Sid Upadhyay, CEO of Wizehire. “We’ve never seen a bigger, more positive impact on both the job seeker and hiring manager experience, as we’re seeing with Candidate Texting. We’re empowering businesses to reach top talent faster and build stronger relationships that significantly reduce interview no-shows and boost overall interview rates. It’s a win-win for both employers and candidates.”

Key Benefits of Wizehire’s Candidate Texting:

  • Boost Engagement: Foster authentic communication, minimize ghosting, and keep candidates invested throughout the hiring process.
  • Effortless Dashboard Management: A centralized dashboard reduces time spent on communication management, eliminating the need to search for information. Easily access all candidate conversations, share updates with your team, and track progress seamlessly.
  • Flexible Communication: Seamlessly switch between email and text messaging within the platform and choose the communication method that best suits your style and candidate preferences.
  • Complete Text History at a Glance: Focus on building relationships, not searching for messages. All text interactions are conveniently organized and accessible within each candidate profile.
  • Secure and Compliant: Our 2-step authentication allows you to engage with candidates via text, knowing your conversations are secure.

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