Waldron and Torchiana become SparkEffect

Industry-leading organizational transformation and career development firms unite into one brand, becoming the preeminent West Coast and Southwest market provider of CEO and Board services, organization development, leadership, career management, outplacement and talent solutions to U.S. and global organizations.


SparkEffect, a purpose-driven firm delivering organizational development and talent solutions in a dynamic landscape, announced its new name and innovative vision for strategic governance, leader and organization effectiveness, leadership development, and career management and transition solutions.

Formerly Waldron (a premier leadership development and organizational transformation consultancy) and Torchiana (a top-tier career development, career transition and talent solution provider), the companies merged in 2023, bringing together firms with over 40 years each of deep market expertise and proven client outcomes. The new name and brand reflect an ambitious mission and vision to meet companies at the convergence of their strategic, leadership, organizational and talent needs — uncovering enlightened opportunities to drive value and impact-building outcomes.

“Organizations today are endeavoring to solve incredible governance, leadership and talent challenges and our clients are trying to make the most of rapidly evolving, and at times, disrupted environments, working to discern transformational pathways and take decisive strategic action to achieve their objectives,” said SparkEffect CEO, Mike Humphries. “The SparkEffect name reflects the ideas, initiative, momentum and impact we enliven in our clients through our decades of experience delivering tailored, practical and value-building solutions. Truly, we enable organizations and people to achieve their full potential and realize their professional dreams.”

Swiftly changing markets, new economic pressures, and the evergreen challenges of developing the governing boards, leaders and the talent needed to thrive today require a collaborative partner like SparkEffect. Bringing the expertise of these two long-time market leaders together, SparkEffect emerges as a proven partner to navigate the most dynamic of business conditions.

“SparkEffect has spent decades cultivating relationships and earning trust with insightful leaders across industries,” said Kim Bohr, president and COO. “As we continue to evolve alongside our clients, our commitment remains unmatched. By combining deep expertise with fresh perspectives, we help companies gain a competitive edge and build resilient, purpose-driven cultures poised for the future.”

SparkEffect will continue to offer organization transformation, CEO and board assessment and governance counsel, executive coaching, leadership development, career management and development, and career transition and outplacement services. “As SparkEffect, we are excited to announce the expansion of our offerings. Our enhanced portfolio of services not only complements our current strengths but also delivers increased value, addressing a broader range of needs,” says Kristi Rocha, SVP of client engagement and effective organizations.

The role of leaders has evolved dramatically alongside seismic shifts in technology, competitiveness, transparency and employee expectations.

“Our world demands ever more self-aware leaders to work in increasingly complex human systems and the field of executive coaching needs to keep pace,” said Rod Bacon, chief coaching officer at SparkEffect. “SparkEffect brings decades of experience and an innovative and caring approach to helping people and their companies continuously improve.”

The SparkEffect name and brand capture the firm’s compassion and courage in helping organizations face pressing strategic, governance, and talent challenges amidst shifting and complex operating dynamics. “SparkEffect reflects key aspects of our culture and values that fuel our work. The empathy that we bring speaks to how deeply we care — both for the clients we serve and the remarkable people within our teams,” said Lynne Saiz, SVP people operations and culture.

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