TuMeke joins National Safety Council TechHub Marketplace

The online directory directly connects companies with credible safety technology providers


TuMeke Ergonomics, a leading provider of enterprise-grade computer vision AI technology for ergonomic risk analysis, proudly announces its distinction as a Priority Listing on the recently-launched TechHub Marketplace by the National Safety Council.

The TechHub Marketplace is designed to help technology buyers find NSC-approved solutions tailored to their specific needs, emphasizing the crucial role of technology in improving safety outcomes.

“Our mission at TuMeke is to harness the power of AI to foster a safer, healthier workplace,” said Riley Noland, co-founder of TuMeke. “Being part of the NSC TechHub Marketplace as a Priority Listing is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in ergonomic safety. We’re here to make a difference by enabling businesses to proactively mitigate risks and protect their employees.”

TuMeke’s proprietary technology leverages AI and computer vision to analyze video footage of workers, translating it into 3D models for comprehensive ergonomic assessments. This approach significantly expedites the traditional evaluation process, offering a dynamic and proactive means of improving occupational health and safety across multiple industries.

Each partner company within the TechHub Marketplace has its own listing page, and all listings are easily filterable based on technology type, hazards they address, use-applications and more.

“At NSC, we often work directly with companies to identify technologies that would reduce risk in their workplaces,” stated Emily Whitcomb, director of innovation at the National Safety Council. “With the TechHub Marketplace, NSC can now take employers through the next logical step and offer technology provider options. This is a game changer in our process to save lives.”

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