Trusaic & NRF Strike Strategic Partnership to Advance Global Pay Equity


Leaders in their respective fields, workplace equity technology company Trusaic and global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright (NRF) announce a strategic partnership aimed at helping organizations around the world achieve workplace equity. Customers will benefit from the companies’ combined strengths, including Trusaic’s award-winning pay equity, opportunity equity, and global pay data reporting technology and NRF’s leading-edge innovation and vast global reach.

Trusaic’s workplace equity suite includes PayParity®, OpportunityParity™, Salary Range Finder®, and Global Pay Data Reporting™. These innovative software solutions enable organizations to eliminate pay disparities at the intersection of gender, race/ethnicity, age, and disability; pinpoint and remedy equity concerns in hiring, promotion, and retention; ensure equitable compensation decisions; and comply with evolving global pay equity regulations. NRF provides comprehensive, global legal services, with more than 3,000 lawyers across more than 50 locations worldwide and was recently recognized in BTI Consulting Group’s “Leading Edge Law Firms 2024” report as one of the top law firms helping clients implement strategic change.

In the first phase of the partnership, leveraging their shared expertise and Trusaic’s workplace analytics platform, the companies will help clients proactively address internal pay equity with actionable strategies to meet reporting requirements, avoid potential costly litigation, and make pay equity compliance simpler and more straightforward. In the future, the companies anticipate coming together to develop and produce new workplace equity compliance products.

“Together, Trusaic and Norton Rose Fulbright will help organizations take a proactive, strategic approach to workplace equity and ensure that they remain compliant with complex regulations,” says Robert Sheen, CEO, Trusaic. “Moreover, by working with organizations to identify and remediate the internal structures that fuel workplace inequity, we hope to make meaningful progress in increasing opportunity for all and ending the global pay gap.”

Equal pay is a growing concern globally as women worldwide earn only around 80 cents for every dollar earned by a man, according to the United Nations. Last year, the European Union approved new pay transparency directives for its member states to close the gender pay gap across the EU. Pay data reporting requirements are expanding around the world with 54 global jurisdictions already having adopted or in the process of implementing some form of pay data reporting requirement. Consequences for non-compliance vary by location, but can include fines, reputational damage, and legal action.

“Our relationship with Trusaic demonstrates the firm’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enable our clients to achieve their legal and business objectives efficiently and effectively,” says Norton Rose Fulbright employment and labor partner Andy Cripe. “This collaboration will expand our data analysis capabilities, helping us to better advise clients as they navigate pay equity and transparency requirements across the U.S. and globally. Beyond simply reducing legal risk, effective pay equity strategies support clients’ success in increasingly competitive talent markets, ultimately adding to their bottom line.”

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