TrueBlue automates Finance & HR with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Leading workforce solutions company consolidates over 20 business systems and embraces automation to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve business insights


TrueBlue, a leader in specialized workforce solutions, has achieved a 40 percent return on investment (ROI) since implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. With Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), TrueBlue was able to increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain more detailed insights into its business by centralizing and automating finance and HR processes. As a result, TrueBlue has been able to better help its clients achieve growth while meeting changing workforce demands.

TrueBlue helps clients improve growth and performance by providing staffing, workforce management, and recruitment process outsourcing solutions and connects more than 600,000 people with jobs each year. Through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions over multiple years, TrueBlue had accumulated 20 different financial and HR applications that had become cumbersome, costly to manage, and inefficient. To help reduce costs and eliminate manual processes, TrueBlue consolidated its finance and HR processes on Oracle Fusion Applications.

“Our legacy systems were a struggle to maintain resulting in unnecessary delays, which hampered our ability to innovate,” said Derrek Gafford, executive vice president and chief financial officer, TrueBlue. “With Oracle Fusion Applications, we have been able to bring finance and HR together on a single shared platform. This has helped us eliminate manual processes, improve the speed and accuracy of business, and has enhanced our ability to meet demand.”

With Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM, TrueBlue has been able to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve insights through better alignment between finance and HR. For example, with Oracle Cloud ERP, TrueBlue has been able to automate billing to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by 20 days and has cut three days from its financial close cycle. In addition, Oracle Cloud HCM has enabled TrueBlue to streamline HR tasks so employees can spend more time focused on achieving career and growth goals.

“To efficiently support stakeholders and fulfill its mission to connect people and work, TrueBlue needed to consolidate systems, streamline processes, and embrace automation,” said Steve Miranda, executive vice president of applications development, Oracle. “With Oracle Fusion Applications, TrueBlue has been able to take advantage of Oracle’s integrated suite of applications to bring finance and HR together. This has made a huge difference to the way TrueBlue runs its business and is helping the team drive innovation so it can better serve clients now and in the future.”

Over 11,000 organizations have selected Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM applications to run their businesses. Oracle Cloud ERP offers a comprehensive set of enterprise finance and operations capabilities, including financials, accounting hub, procurement, project management, enterprise performance management, risk management, subscription management, and supply chain management & manufacturing. Oracle Cloud HCM delivers market leading capabilities for human resources, talent management, workforce management, payroll, and the award winning employee experience platform, Oracle ME.

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