The Josh Bersin Company unveils Galileo™

Josh Bersin
  • Generative AI access to 25 years of The Josh Bersin Company research, data, and vendor information—comprising over 50,000 pages of research, articles, podcasts, videos, case studies, and courses
  • More than 50 pre-defined prompts to help HR professionals learn and investigate best practices, vendors, strategies, and benchmarks in a single click
  • Easy-to-use chat interface lets users learn, evaluate vendors, ask questions, generate RFPs and other documents, based on trusted, reliable Bersin research
  • Enterprise-ready and easy to customize: enables users and teams to add their own content and create their own company-specific AI assistants

The world’s most trusted human capital advisory firm, The Josh Bersin Company, announces the availability of a new generative AI expert assistant and problem-solving tool for HR leaders and their teams.

With Galileo, business and HR users can immediately get answers to any HR or management question by interrogating the entire corpus of Josh Bersin Company accumulated intellectual property, covering research, in-depth maturity models, frameworks, benchmarks, videos, podcasts, case studies, and more.

Powered by Sana AI, Galileo can help everyone from line of business managers to HR executives, L&D professionals, Diversity or Wellbeing specialists, and compensation managers get the guidance they need to solve any HR or talent acquisition issue.

That assistance ranges from asking questions, but also allowing users to compare vendors, research solutions, and generate implementation plans, RFP templates, communications plans, and more. The expert assistant allows practitioners to interrogate all The Josh Bersin Company intelligence online at their own pace as if all the advisory firm’s analysts were there in the room with them.

Like its 16th-century astronomer name-sake, Galileo will be the perfect “telescope” for exploring the rich depths of HR and HR tech wisdom.

Galileo offers intelligent search and compilation of the vast, accumulated knowledge base The Josh Bersin Company has built up over its many years of work with the world’s biggest firms on their greatest people and skills challenges—from the immense library of unique, data- and insight-backed Josh Bersin Company research, but also all of the human capital advisory firm’s podcasts, videos, and eventually all customer video use case and deep dive interviews with clients and vendors. Galileo also includes full access to The Josh Bersin Company maturity models, assessments, frameworks, and the advisory firm’s new definition of terms, The Josh Bersin Company Lexicon.

Initially available via a tiered access program, the expertly-tuned Galileo also includes a library of more than 50 pre-defined prompts and workflows to give useful guidance on core people development questions, such as:

  • How do I develop a collaborative learning program?
  • Can you give me an example of a company that built a Capability Academy in Oil & Gas?
  • What are top trends in leadership development?
  • Tell me about an insurance company that did pay equity right
  • What is the difference between Systemic HR and the COE-based operating model?
  • How do I build a first-line manager training program?

The system is built on a generative AI platform using a carefully curated dataset of all Josh Bersin Company information. Unlike other broadly-available generative AI tools, Galileo delivers comprehensive, accurate information that HR and business professionals can trust—with sources beyond the public internet.

While other AI chat tools don’t consistently reference their answers, Galileo attributes verifiable Josh Bersin Company sources to each response. Galileo does not train any underlying language models on user input, thereby eliminating the risk of data leakage. Finally, unlike other generative AI interfaces, it supports video or audio retrieval.

Galileo is built on the highly configurable Sana AI platform which enables users, teams, and organizations to add their own company content, create private workspaces, and customize each assistant’s voice, language, and identity.

Josh Bersin, global HR research analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, said:

“We designed Galileo to be the HR professional’s ‘always-on’ resource to learn, ask questions, and develop solutions for literally hundreds of current real-life HR problems and opportunities.

“After more than 25 years of research and interviews with thousands of companies and vendors, we are finally able to give HR professionals the answers, education, and guidance they need to solve their company’s most challenging problems. Using Galileo is like having the world’s deepest expert in HR and management to talk with every day.”

“Galileo is unique in bringing together years of trusted content with an enterprise-ready platform, cutting through the noise of confusing and proliferating new offerings in the market.”

Joel Hellermark, founder and CEO of Sana, added:

“Many of today’s workplace tools are still too fragmented, static and outdated to take advantage of AI. Current research on AI augmentation has demonstrated productivity gains exceeding 50% and a 44% improvement in work quality. With Galileo, we are merging the advantages of generative AI and Josh Bersin’s top-tier research to extend these benefits to HR professionals worldwide.”

How to start using Galileo

Initially, Galileo is available only via a tiered access program for The Josh Bersin Company corporate members. In the coming months, there will be an additional offering for members of The Josh Bersin Academy. The Josh Bersin Company encourages anyone interested to join the waitlist where they will receive timely updates on Galileo availability.

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