The Importance of Belonging in the Workplace™: Leading NOW’s CDI

Research Identifies Key Elements to Build a Culture of Belonging


Leading NOW, the award-winning leadership authority and advisor to organizations seeking to create more equitable cultures, released the latest research from its global think tank, the Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) on The Importance of Belonging in the Workplace™. Research shows that underrepresented populations have a significantly lower feeling of belonging @ work than their counterparts, resulting in higher and more rapid turnover––a serious issue for organizations. However, what that research does not do is tell organizations what to do about it. Until now.

The Executive Summary of the CDI research is available upon request and breaks down the think tank’s discoveries by identifying the barriers and key elements that organizations must address to build a culture of belonging. The findings include how to understand an organization’s culture type, its impact on belonging & engagement, leadership mindsets and the behaviors of leadership styles and how they impact belonging @ work.

Kelly Lockwood Primus, CEO of Leading NOW, says “In a tight talent market, building a culture of belonging is critical to retaining top talent. And while organizations have been focused on engaging and retaining employees through inclusion initiatives, the problem persists because expectations are different for today’s talent than previous generations. Our research delves into the why and what leaders should do to shift their behaviors and mindsets to support expectations of the newest generations, and to truly evolve the culture of their organization.”

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