TERRA STAFFING GROUP Chooses Avionté for Integrated Staffing Solution

End-to-End Configuration Streamlines Operations on a Single Platform to Deliver an Outstanding Experience for Employers, Talent, and Front-Line Recruiters


TERRA STAFFING GROUP, an emerging Tier 1 staffing provider and MSP with over 30 branch locations, has announced they will adopt Avionté’s front office, back office, and mobile talent software to unify business operations on a single platform.

“We invest in our people,” said Greg Lambert, the CEO and Founder of TERRA. “We want them equipped with the best tools available to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients. We also need a technology partner who can keep up with our growth plans and internal development team. The Avionté platform offers us the combination of innovation and scalability we need to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.”

Prior to selecting Avionté, TERRA vetted multiple vendors and considered alternate configurations, including separate front and back-office modules. Ultimately, Terra concluded that the best approach was to standardize operations on a single end-to-end platform and leverage Avionté’s API connectivity to integrate critical applications already in development at TERRA. Lambert noted, “Homegrown innovation has always been an important source of competitive advantage for us. Our ability to combine our internal technology with Avionté will be critical to our partnership moving forward.”

The selection of Avionté also signals a growing trend within the staffing industry to move away from the traditional stand-alone ATS in favor of integrated software platforms. “Platform staffing can deliver extraordinary improvements in scale, productivity, and service quality,” said Rishabh Mehrotra, CEO of Avionté. “However, to deliver on the promise, you need end-to-end connectivity, a strong mobile talent solution, and the strategic application of artificial intelligence and automation. Staffing companies who deliver an integrated user experience to their customers and employees will win against competitors with outdated tech stacks.”

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