Teleperformance ranked Among World’s Top 5 Best Workplaces in 2023


Teleperformance, a global leader in digital business services, was named one of the top 5 World’s Best Workplaces™ 2023 by Fortune and Great Place to Work®.  Teleperformance was named to the prestigious world’s top employer list for the third consecutive year.

Teleperformance is among 25 global leaders that were selected from organizations that participated in Great Place To Work’s employee survey process, representing the voices of 14.8 million employees worldwide. More than 99% of Teleperformance employees work in a Great Place to Work®-certified location1.

The World’s Best Workplaces stood out for creating globally exceptional employee experiences, high-trust relationships, and fair and equal workplaces for all.

“Being a global employer comes with immense responsibility to people and to the planet,” said Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place To Work. “Teleperformance is among top companies that are having an incredible impact, supporting their people, and working to create fairer, safer, and healthier communities around the globe. When you empower people to work with purpose, they reward you with innovation and performance — and help create a better world for all of us.”

“This global list followed a rigorous process, one that assures that employees have spoken about what they think are exceptional workplaces where they feel trusted, empowered, and energized to do their best work,” said Alyson Shontel, editor in chief of Fortune.

Teleperformance now has nearly 500,000 team members in 95 countries. Approximately 40% of the company’s employees work remotely, staying connected to the company’s mission and purpose through Teleperformance’s unique Cloud Campus remote work model which helps employees stay connected and engaged. This award-winning Cloud Campus remote work model helps support a globally diverse talent pool and attract and retain top talent worldwide.

The Fortune World’s Best Workplaces in 2023 list is just one of the latest employer accolades Teleperformance has received. The company was named among Fortune’s List of ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in the U.Sand is certified a Great Place to Work® in 72 Countries. It also was named to PEOPLE’s annual list of 100 Companies that Care for 2022.

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