Strategic Alliance between the Bedford Consulting Group and Teal & Co. formed.

The Bedford Consulting Group, one of the largest executive search firms that is privately-held in Canada has on boarded Teal & Co’s President and CEO, Val Cambre as its newest partner. This is a strategic move which will help in expanding the horizons of educational practices and bring in additional efficiency in the organization with regards to the talent strategy of Bedford. HRtech News

According to the managing partner of Bedford, Frank Galati, Val possesses deep knowledge and experience in both- education and business industry. This makes her well equipped and versed with skills and talent relating to the academy movement. Her expertise will prove to be invaluable for the company’s clients in the sector of education in the future. This partnership is in complete alignment with the company’s core strategy. Hence, it will make it possible to attract and acquire academic clients, independent and private along with creating a smooth and effective process to increase performance in this sector.

Multiple organizational structures and operational models that are holistic in nature, designed by Val have proven to be high-performing within institutions when implemented. This has made a contribution to the academic sector in North America. There is a demand for bright talent in this academy movement, and having Val will prove to be beneficial for the company, states Howard Penzim, the co-managing director of Bedford.

Ms. Cambre is known to have designed various programs, like a 360-degree feedback program, a mutual respect program, performance management program, etc. Her work has contributed and been recognized as a Top 100 Employer in Canada.

This strategic alliance will pave the way for advancement and development. Hence, it is imperative for the industry too. To know more about such hrtech related news and updates, you should follow Hrtech cube. It will provide will information and news from in and around the world of hrtech.


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