Splashtop wins the SDC “Security Vendor of The Year” Award

Splashtop recognized for delivering a modern solution for Application, Network and Resource Access, converging modern frameworks of Zero Trust Network Access, Privileged Access Management and Secure Access Service Edge.


Splashtop, a pioneer in transforming the work-anywhere landscape, proudly emerges as the “Security Vendor of the Year” at the 14th edition of the SDC Awards, hosted in London. This prestigious award highlights Splashtop’s commitment to protecting organizations of any size with enterprise-grade encryption and permission-based access.

Since its inception in 2006, Splashtop has consistently delivered cutting-edge remote access and support technology, empowering users to access devices, apps, and documents from anywhere, without compromising performance. In 2023, the company has taken a significant leap forward, addressing the modern challenges of remote workforces, multi-cloud migration, complex network access, and credential management—even for those with limited IT resources.

This year Splashtop has expanded its security portfolio with groundbreaking solutions for Endpoint Security, Wi-Fi and Server Access control, and the innovative Splashtop Secure Workspace. These solutions address the challenges posed by the growing threats of cyberattacks. In particular, Splashtop Secure Workspace revolutionizes access management for large enterprises and SMBs, by offering a seamless interconnection of four foundational layers — identity, device, networking, and credentials. Already named New Product of the Year by Security Today, the Splashtop solution empowers organizations with robust security measures, adhering to end-to-end Zero Trust principles and conditional access controls.

Mark Lee, CEO at Splashtop, underscores the company’s proactive approach: “As cybersecurity challenges expand, tech leaders are called to focus on protecting organizations and end-users. This global recognition affirms Splashtop’s dedication to information security, data protection, and international compliance initiatives.”

The SDC Award as Security Vendor of the Year validates Splashtop’s position as a trusted industry partner, showcasing a continuous focus on security, compliance, risk management, and ease of use.

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