Skillsoft Launches ChatGPT Learning Journey

Integrated curriculum is the first in a series of generative AI courses designed to build skills around cutting-edge technology


Skillsoft (NYSE: SKIL), a leading platform for transformative learning experiences, today announced its ChatGPT Learning Journey, the first in a series of generative AI courses designed to equip organizations and the workforce with the skills required to use the technology productively and ethically. Coming on the heels of several AI-driven platform enhancements, this underscores Skillsoft’s continued commitment to helping organizations understand and harness the potential of AI to drive business growth.

“Generative AI will impact nearly every knowledge worker, creating an unprecedented upskilling and reskilling need for organizations and their employees,” said Jeffrey R. Tarr, Chief Executive Officer, Skillsoft. “Our ChatGPT Learning Journey is another step in our efforts to address this challenge head on and ensure our customers are able to seize the opportunity represented by generative AI, all while doing so in a safe and ethical manner.”

The World Economic Forum noted AI and machine learning specialists as the fastest-growing job of 2023, expected to generate one million new roles by 2027. Meanwhile, IT decision-makers surveyed in Skillsoft’s recent IT Skills and Salary Report cited AI being among both the top 10 most difficult skills to hire for and top three areas of skills investment. As organizations face a growing AI skills gap, Skillsoft’s ChatGPT Learning Journey leverages the company’s long-standing content development practices paired with AI technology and customer feedback to deliver a purpose-built path catered to critical training needs.

Blending on-demand courses and hands-on experiences, Skillsoft’s ChatGPT Learning Journey provides a thorough exploration of the technology, beginning with an introduction to large language models and their capabilities and progressing through practical applications, advanced techniques, industry impacts, and key ethical considerations. The journey also provides an opportunity for organizations and learners to gauge proficiency in generative AI via Skillsoft’s Benchmark Assessments and apply these newly acquired skills by building a Python-based, AI-driven application.

The use of AI for impact is not new for Skillsoft. Skillsoft’s Codecademy recently launched an Intro to ChatGPT course to support hands-on coding and programming with AI language models. Additionally, Skillsoft continues to integrate the technology into various areas of its platform to better serve organizations and learners, including generating lesson descriptions, personalizing content packages based on unique skill needs, and automating the generation of assessment questions to empower skill mastery.

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