Sevenstep Launches Talent Unbounded®


Sevenstep, a global talent solutions leader, today announced the launch of Talent Unbounded®, its talent acquisition assessment and consulting service. Based on more than fifteen years of experience meeting hard-to-fill, high-value talent needs for top global enterprises and mid-market organizations, Talent Unbounded provides strategy and expertise to position companies for success in a changing workforce landscape.

Talent Unbounded applies proven assessment methodologies to identify gaps and deliver a practical roadmap for improvement across critical areas of talent acquisition, including data and technology, cost control, employer branding, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Sevenstep tailors its strategies to focus on improving strength to compete for workers in short supply, boosting intelligence to drive best-outcome decisions, and achieving agility to adjust quickly to changing demands.

Talent Unbounded is built on a best-practice assessment process aligned with services and capabilities uniquely suited to an organization’s needs, whether it seeks a snapshot of a particular issue or a full assessment and resources to drive holistic talent strategy. The assessment pinpoints gaps and opportunities for improvement and is complemented by an action plan, implementation, support, and optional partnership to advance new talent needs.

“Companies cannot afford to put their talent plans on hold,” said Sevenstep President Amy Bush. “They must tackle immediate hiring needs while transforming talent acquisition processes to deliver results against changing demands and heavy competition for a limited workforce supply. Drawing on the clear vision our clients have come to expect from Sevenstep, Talent Unbounded is uniquely suited to help companies build the workforce intelligence, recruiting strength, and process flexibility needed to succeed.”

A solutions leader in all facets of talent acquisition, including permanent hires, the contingent workforce, recruiting best practices, and technology and analytics, Sevenstep delivers effective strategies through its hands-on approach to assessment services. To learn more, visit

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