sayhii announces its employee activation solution

and the Launch of sayhii Partner Program


sayhii today announced its employee activation solution turning the employee engagement space on its head with a solution truly driven by the employee. sayhii also announced its reseller Partner Program and newest roster of Partners.

People are not having conversations. With employee retention and regretted attrition at a peak, it is a major cost to organizations and puts even more pressure on productivity for those who stay. Factor in back to work, work from home and hybrid work setups, it leaves organizations reeling to define and measure culture, employee health, and motivation. Add to that an employee base that is changing generationally, leaders are left wondering what they can even do about it.

“We founded sayhii because we care about humans and we know leaders are not being served by what’s currently in the market.” CEO/Co-founder, Amy Gurske continues, “Employee engagement to date has been less about the employee and more about whether the employee thinks the way a company wants them to think. When they don’t, standardized approaches are used to try to make change. Often, the data informing the change is old and likely not even relevant to the current base. Using technology, we can do a lot better.”

sayhii offers a pioneering solution with an employee driven approach that is focused on action. sayhii follows the employee journey, gaining understanding of who they are, what drives them, how to motivate them and directly giving each employee, and importantly, each manager, an action plan. The program is akin to personal coaching at scale, delivered through technology. For the organization, anonymized employee data gets mapped against themes leaders care about to give the organization more authentic, relevant, actionable and timely results about their employees and cultures.

sayhii Partner Program includes sayhii-delivered and partner-delivered solution models. sayhii Partners include Compass Consulting (Carlsbad, CA), Converge Technology Solutions (Toronto, Canada), Igniting Success (Lake Mary, FL) and SPC Advisors (Frisco, TX). sayhii also announces signed direct engagements with Mayo Clinic and Converge Technology Solutions.

If you’d like to inquire about becoming a sayhii partner, please inquire here.

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