rolls out Job Architect to assist with the management of Job Descriptions has rolled out a new solution called Job Architect, which is designed for aiding employers with the management and organization of their job descriptions. The hrtech news arena reports that this new tool can be used as an integrated component of the CompAnalyst platform of the company or as a standalone solution.

This new tool directs its focus at the time taken to hire which is called the hiring velocity. states that according to the belief of the company more often than not there is a struggle faced by employers to appropriately budget for different job roles because the job descriptions for these roles are generally created piecemeal by different managers from different verticals and departments across the firm.

Moreover, the company also explained that job descriptions that are not properly designed negatively impact retention as the skills and the compensation do not align with the needs of the company and expectations of the employees along with the market.

Job Architect will centrally manage these job descriptions that streamline the comp workflow.

Kent Plunkett, the CEO at stated that the company has been noticing an unprecedented upheaval in the way that organizations are defining their jobs as well as the way in which they manage the work that is done by their people. This new tool will support the organizations in managing their job content library in order to get the job descriptions right as well as maximize the optimization of the performance of their work staff.

This new job description management tool will also help the HR teams in standardizing the job architecture of the organization, by utilizing the framework that aligns employee skills with specific requirements.

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