Q4 Vaco Talent Pulse Report

The second quarterly Vaco Talent Pulse Report found consistent quarter-over-quarter confidence levels as compared to Q3 results in terms of securing a job, improving one’s financial situation and career advancement.


Job seeker and employee confidence is holding steady in Q4, according to recent data from Vaco, a leading global talent solutions firm. The Q4 Vaco Talent Pulse Report revealed that 70% of job seekers and employees are confident in their ability to get and hold a job right now, down marginally from Q3 (72%). What’s more, 39% are extremely confident in their ability to get and hold a job – unchanged from Q3’s results. The findings are from the second edition of the Vaco Talent Pulse Report, which measures employee and job seeker confidence levels based on feedback from nearly 9,000 respondents across the U.S. and Canada.

“In the face of ongoing shifts in the economic landscape, we’re seeing job seekers and employees who are leaning into the one constant they can rely on – themselves,” said Vaco President Kevin Witt. “Workers are exhibiting remarkable resilience and pressing forward with their career aspirations – whether that entails securing a new job, negotiating a raise or chasing a well-deserved promotion. These attitudes are buoyed by positive indicators in the job market; notably, in September, the U.S. witnessed its most robust job market growth since January with the addition of 336,000 jobs. As we approach year-end, it’s critical for employers to engage with their workforce and adopt a strategic approach to recruiting and retaining top talent. Providing year-end bonuses, establishing channels for periodic feedback through employee reviews and fostering a culture that prioritizes work-life balance are the cornerstones of cultivating a motivated and loyal workforce in the current environment.”

The Q4 2023 Vaco Talent Pulse Report also reveals further insights, such as:

  • Despite inflation and economic uncertainty, job seekers and employees remain remarkably optimistic about their ability to improve their financial situation – either via a raise or obtaining a new job – with Q4 results (70%) trending up two percentage points from Q3 (68%).
  • Career advancement is a high priority for many workers in Q4, with 75% of employees expressing confidence in their ability to get a promotion or progress in their careers.

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