PSG Global Solutions Major Contender in 2024 RPO Global PEAK Matrix

"Everest Group Designates PSG Global as a Significant Player in the 2024 RPO Global PEAK Matrix Assessment"

PSG Global

PSG Global Solutions (PSG), a foremost provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions, continues to make significant impact in the marketplace. As a partner to 8/10 top healthcare staffing firms, the 4,000+ PSG team members continue to pursue excellence, receiving industry recognition and operational excellence amid adverse markets. The company ranks 3rd on the Best Places to Work in the Philippines and continues to maintain an ideal position on Everest Group’s 2024 Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing PEAK Matrix® report.

The PEAK Matrix has become an influential tool in the RPO marketplace, guiding key decision-makers based on comprehensive evaluations of market impact, vision, and capability. Ranking as a major contender on the PEAK Matrix assessment signifies a strong market position and potential for growth, underscoring the provider’s competitiveness and reliability. This comprehensive evaluation helps enterprises make well-informed decisions when selecting top providers and solutions.

“Our position in the RPO industry mirrors the robust strategic partnerships we’ve developed with our clients,” shares Brian Cotter, co-founder of PSG Global Solutions. “PSG Global’s success is deeply rooted in these relationships and our unique service offerings. We’re dedicated to devising creative and adaptive talent acquisition solutions to meet our clients’ present and future needs.”

In the face of a highly competitive talent landscape across healthcare, BFSI, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing, and all high-volume recruitment-dependent industries, PSG has consistently offered innovative solutions, proprietary technology, and dynamic strategies to effectively address talent acquisition challenges.

“PSG’s extensive expertise in delivering modularized and flexible RPO solutions, combined with its offshore led delivery model, have enabled it to carve a strong niche for itself,” says Arkadev “Arko” Basak, Partner, Everest Group. “Its continued investments in its technology platform and business synergies derived from Teleperformance Group, have helped PSG maintain its position as a Major Contender on Everest Group’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024 – Global.”

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