Personalized coaching revolutionizing employee wellbeing


Navigate Wellbeing Solutions, leading the way in employee wellbeing technology, has introduced Navigate Health Coaching, a groundbreaking personalized coaching experience that will revolutionize employee wellbeing. Going beyond traditional models, this innovative addition delivers remarkable results for both employees and the companies they serve.

Built on a holistic foundation
Navigate Health Coaching is built on a holistic approach, leveraging Navigate’s unique approach to personalized wellbeing. Unlike other models solely focused on high-risk individuals, Navigate empowers every employee, regardless of their current health status. This is achieved through unique, science-backed wellbeing markers that identify strengths and potential areas for improvement. Coaching is tailored to each individual’s needs, ensuring a highly impactful, personalized experience.

Beyond biometrics
Unlike other programs focusing on physical health, Navigate Health Coaching addresses the full spectrum of wellbeing, including mindfulness, stress, and social wellbeing. By incorporating employee values and personality assessments, such as NavigateYOU, coaches gain a deeper understanding of participants, unlocking personalized motivation and behavior change.

Data-driven impact
The benefits of Navigate Health Coaching go beyond anecdotes, with measurable improvements in self-efficacy, engagement, and health. Navigate provides a comprehensive overview of how the program can transform lives, resulting in clearly positive outcomes. This results in reduced healthcare costs through preventative interventions, improved employee retention, enhanced productivity and engagement through stress reduction, and increased wellbeing.

“With Navigate Health Coaching, our clients are going beyond benefits and embracing hyper-personalized wellbeing for their employees,” says Founder and CEO Troy Vincent. “Our fully integrated coaching platform delivers actionable insights and a frictionless experience, helping employees thrive and showing them you care.”

Seamless integration
Designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing platform, Navigate Health Coaching complements features like NavigateYOU personality assessment,, and Total Health, a platform built for personalized pathways. This 360-degree approach to personalized wellbeing allows coaching to enhance engagement with other resources, while data insights inform coaching sessions.

For organizations ready to experience the transformative benefits of personalized coaching, connect with Navigate and learn how Health Coaching can elevate your wellbeing strategy and empower employees to thrive.

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