Miro announced multiple new product features and integrations


News Summary:

  • At its annual community event – Distributed – Miro doubles-down on strategy to become an innovation partner for teams creating the next big thing
  • Launch of Miro Assist will transform how customers use AI to bring break-through products to market
  • Host of new tools and integrations will dramatically improve advanced diagramming on Miro

Today, Miro® , the visual workspace for innovation, hosted its annual community event, Distributed. Miro announced multiple new product features and integrations aimed at improving the innovation process to help teams achieve better business outcomes, faster. These include the introduction of Miro Assist – the next evolution of Miro’s powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities – now available as an innovation co-pilot, significant enhancements to advanced diagramming, and deeper Azure DevOps integration for scaled product planning.

Distributed is a virtual event to celebrate and recognize Miro’s community of more than 60M users, all of whom are critical in shaping the platform and enabling Miro to exceed the needs of its users in today’s complex, distributed work environment. Together, these advancements further demonstrate Miro’s commitment to supporting its community by removing the need for product and service development teams to have multiple collaboration tools, significantly accelerating end-to-end innovation.

Organizations realize that a relentless focus on innovation is critical to their survival. But employees and leadership alike are struggling to execute on their innovation strategies. New ways of approaching collaboration are needed to bring the right products and services to market in the shortest time possible. These center around strategy and planning, customer-centric product development, and processes that support cross-functional iterative product development.

“In modern enterprises work happens across distributed teams and within silos,” says Varun Parmar, Chief Operating Officer at Miro. “Miro is redefining how teams responsible for bringing new products and services to market can get projects from idea to execution. With today’s announcements we continue on our mission to radically simplify the end-to-end innovation process for our customers, offering better ways to communicate, plan, and execute on a shared vision in Miro. In particular, I’m thrilled to show our community how AI will help users on every step in their innovation journey, alleviating the everyday heavy-lifting tasks associated with the product and service development process.”

Enhanced AI Capabilities
Miro is continuing to evolve its AI capabilities, helping teams to rapidly expand their thinking, get instant insights for better decision making and reduce the time spent on daily tasks.

  • Introducing Miro Assist: Miro Assist is an AI-powered thought partner that uses the context of a board to help users bring breakthrough products to market, faster.

  • New Use Cases for Miro Assist: With Miro Assist users have the ability to instantly uncover the most valuable insights from research, team retrospectives, or brainstorm sessions. They can automatically generate outputs such as drafting presentations and next steps action lists to align teams and stakeholders around a set of insights and findings. And lastly, remove team biases and reduce the risk of human error when synthesizing surveys or questionnaires.

  • Extended Access Points: Miro Assist is available via a new iterative chat-like module with a large language model interface integrated directly into a Miro board. It has the ability to use the context of a board to answer questions and generate new content in chat format, or visual formats such as sticky notes, presentations, images and more.

Advanced Diagramming Enhancements and Integrations
The future of diagramming is collaboration-first, AI-driven and standards-based. Miro is leading the market becoming the only collaborative diagramming app for all teams enabling advanced diagramming. With this release engineers and the teams they work with will benefit from unprecedented options to visualize system designs to easily collaborate, visualize complex technical concepts and drive transformations – all using one tool, Miro.

  • AI Diagramming: Leveraging Miro Assist, users can quickly build a sequence diagram and map out an entire process by simply describing it in a sentence.

  • Draw.io Integration by Miro: Draw.io is one of the largest open-source diagramming tools, offering advanced diagramming functionality. With this new integration Miro users will be able to securely leverage the best-in-class diagramming capabilities of draw.io within Miro. This includes utilizing advanced features such as layers, tags, smart containers, auto-layout, rulers, custom guides, and access to more than 50 shape packs. In addition, users get seamless import-export experience, including export to Visio. Rather than just creating diagrams in specific tools, teams can advance to collaborating on them in Miro.

  • Cloud Shape Pack Extensions: Miro is extending its cloud visualization capabilities to include Salesforce. It is also updating the existing shape packs – which include Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS – to meet the latest cloud architecture offers. These updates will allow teams to better collaborate when developing cloud solutions to optimize their architectures.

Product Development Workflows
Miro’s goal is to create a visual workspace for innovation where teams can plan their work in a single system seamlessly connected to their engineering ticketing systems.

  • Azure DevOps and Product Planning: As a direct result of community feedback, Miro has comprehensively updated its integration with Azure DevOps, making it faster and easier to search, import and edit work items on Miro. Miro’s connected quarterly planning features, Planner and Dependencies App, will be available for Azure DevOps users alongside these improvements.

Distributed is a one-day, digital-only event that consists of 35 sessions, including keynote, community showcase, interactive workshops, and presentations to inspire and empower teams to create the next big thing. Each year Miro reveals new features and integrations specifically requested by its community as a way to share its appreciation and commitment to delivering value to its large user base across the globe.

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