Metafora, in partnership with Kinetic FreightTech, announced today the launch of Sync Logistics Training, a tech-enabled training-as-a-service solution for freight brokerages, trucking companies, and others in the supply chain and technology space.

Sync Logistics Training provides a library of training for all levels. Courses cover topics such as:

  • Intro to Transportation
  • Introduction to Pricing
  • Advanced Shipper Sales and Sales Strategy
  • Leadership Development
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations

The solution features variety and flexibility – combining in-person and digital experiences targeting different learning modalities through written content, videos, simulated calls, quizzes, activities, etc.

Peter Rentschler, Metafora CEO comments, “Two of the greatest challenges in our industry are talent acquisition and retention. Higher quality training lowers the risk your business takes with hiring. You are less reliant on hiring ‘home runs’ or for certain skills. You can hire based on values, and train people on the specifics to the industry and your business.”

Ryan Schreiber, Metafora VP of Industry & Growth, and Kinetic advisor adds, “If your training program isn’t quality, engaging, standardized, you are hurting your employees, your customers, and your business. Offering new hire training isn’t enough. We have seen that a poor training program is the root issue of a variety of other problems for transportation companies. Training impacts employee retention, company culture, and your bottom line – through churn, higher cost to serve, and slower employee ramp. This is why we created Sync.”

With Sync Logistics Training, employees get a learning journey that lasts their entire time with a business. A mix of pre-developed courses and custom content with digital delivery lowers the burden on management, reduces ramp time for new employees, increases employee retention and satisfaction for experienced team members, and improves the consistency of training without sacrificing engagement and human interaction.

Sync Logistics Training is currently in beta and will be available for purchase soon. Interested parties can learn more about the service here, and sign up for the wait list here.

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