Mental health and recovery redefined at Next Level Recovery Associates

mental health

Amanda Marino is the visionary mind behind Next Level Recovery Associates, a successful company that stands out as a pillar of mental health and recovery professionalism.

Next Level Recovery Associates is not just a mental health and addiction recovery service; it’s a safe space for the mind and soul. Amanda, the owner, has meticulously assembled a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinicians, diverse coaches, nurses, dietitians, and any kind of professional for each specific and unique situation.

The skilled experts at Next Level Recovery Associates work tirelessly to offer excellent assistance and expertise. They don’t just help individuals throughout the recovery process; they also extend their support to families and workplaces.

“I’m in this to make a difference, and we will never change putting people and their unique needs first. We are team-centered and give tremendous support and lift those who work with us,” Amanda mentions.

Next Level Recovery Associates’ services include the integration of Sober Companions into the client’s support system. Transcending the conventional support, these companions are essential in guiding individuals through the complexities of recovery.

Whether assisting in transportation to and from treatment sessions or offering solid companionship during vulnerable moments, Sober Companions enhance confidence in healing. They help identify triggers and look after resilience and motivation to achieve lasting sobriety.

When recognizing the complexity of substance use disorders and mental health conditions, Next Level Recovery Associates provides in-house case managers designed to fit the unique needs of each client, extending complete support throughout the rehabilitation period.

The organization also extends a caring hand to families, offering professional facilitation for addiction interventions. It ensures that families have the guidance needed to navigate the emotional territory and encourage their loved ones to seek the help they deserve.

“The desire to help others, to be able to look at someone who thinks that no one in the world has been through what they are going through and tell them me too- I understand you,” Amanda shares.

Next Level Recovery Associates goes beyond individual recovery, reaching into corporate companies. The leadership team specializes in boosting corporate wellness by addressing the problems of substance use disorders and mental health inside the workplace. Through targeted education and seminars, they help employers create a healthy and supportive work environment, focusing on issues such as burnout, anxiety, and digital addiction.

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