MeasureUp launches iTalentUp

iTalentUp has been created with the aim of helping HR departments to select the ideal candidate, by simplifying technical assessments and providing access to MeasureUp's extensive catalog of over 40,000 questions in the most in-demand technologies in the market.


MeasureUp, a world leader in providing preparation for official professional IT certifications, has announced the launch of its new project, iTalentUp. This innovative platform is specifically designed for recruiting agencies and human resources departments, with the purpose of simplifying and streamlining the technical assessment process, ultimately reducing the time and costs associated with talent acquisition.

iTalentUp integrates seamlessly with MeasureUp’s extensive catalog, which includes over 40,000 updated questions covering the most in-demand technologies. This integration allows users to easily create technical assessments, making the candidate evaluation process more efficient and effective than ever. To see a real example of how iTalentUp works and its benefits, MeasureUp has created a presentation video that you can watch at this link.

“We are excited to introduce iTalentUp as a revolution in the hiring industry,” said Sam Brocal, CEO of MeasureUp. “With this innovation, our goal is to help human resources professionals, recruiting agencies, and companies quickly and accurately identify top talent. iTalentUp simplifies the complex task of technical assessment, making it accessible to everyone.”

The idea of creating iTalentUp was born out of the challenges faced by companies with the continuous emergence of new professions, and MeasureUp identified a need among human resources professionals, who often lack the necessary technological knowledge to assess candidates in the IT sector. “With iTalentUp, we saw the opportunity to leverage our expertise and make it available to human resources professionals,” said Jesús Sierra, CMO of MeasureUp.”

A platform to hire the best IT professionals while saving time and money

iTalentUp boasts a set of features that revolutionize the hiring process, saving companies time and money by inviting only the best candidates for interview. Human resources professionals can create their own selection tests using the extensive database of questions from MeasureUp, a recognized provider in the practice test industry for official certification exams. Additionally, its user-friendly interface simplifies the creation of custom selection tests, removing the need for technical expertise.

In addition, iTalentUp integrates a library of pre-created MeasureUp practice test templates to conduct selection tests specially tailored to various job roles and the most in-demand technologies. In both cases, human resources professionals and recruiting agencies can efficiently conduct multiple technical tests with instant results.

In the words of Laura Morillo, Director of Human Resources at Media Interactiva, “iTalentUp is a dream for any HR professional, as it avoids dependence on a technician to assess IT competencies, allowing you to gain autonomy, speed, and cost savings in tech profile selection processes.

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