Maintaining wellness among healthcare workers

Working Happy! How to Survive Burnout and Find Your Work/Life Synergy in the Healthcare Industry is a new book published by the American Association for Physician Leadership


Addressing the issue of employee wellness in healthcare, the American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) has published a new book, Working Happy! How to Survive Burnout and Find Your Work/Life Synergy in the Healthcare Industry.

Author Roger Kapoor, MD, MBA, is the senior vice president of Beloit Health System in Beloit, Wisconsin, a community-based nonprofit hospital. A Harvard-trained dermatologist, who also holds an MBA from Oxford University in England, he has authored numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles published in professional journals including The New England Journal of Medicine.

The book takes an innovative, hands-on approach toward the two most important causes of employee burnout: workplace environment and yourself! Kapoor uniquely explains emotional resilience and describes powerful tools you can use right now to address burnout. Above all, the book encourages and guides you to find your true purpose in work and life, and to cultivate the potential synergy between your work and your life.

“Everyone has the ability to preserve their well-being, but the workplace can be daunting; this book outlines changes you can make to maintain your happiness,” Kapoor said.

“We know that employee wellness is a particular challenge in the healthcare field, due to long hours and the nature of the work itself that can be emotionally taxing,” said Peter Angood, MD, FRCS (C), FACS, MCCM, FAAPL(Hon), president and CEO of AAPL. “We are excited that Dr. Kapoor shares his insights into maintaining an emotional equilibrium that can lead to true happiness and enjoyment of this very meaningful profession.”

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