Lockerbie & Co. helps Clients Save Millions Using Pay Intelligence


Lockerbie & Co., a leading provider of strategic consulting services, has achieved remarkable success in saving its clients millions through the innovative use of pay intelligence.

In a recent analysis conducted by Lockerbie & Co., the utilization of advanced pay intelligence methodologies and strategies has resulted in substantial cost savings for all of their client across various industries. By employing cutting-edge technologies and leveraging comprehensive data analytics, the firm has revolutionized the workforce strategy to optimize full-time employee, consulting engagements, and contingent workforce compensation structures.

“We are thrilled to announce the significant savings realized by our clients through the implementation of our pay intelligence solutions,” said Stephanie Lokker, CEO at Lockerbie & Co.. “Our team’s dedication to harnessing data-driven insights has enabled us to identify inefficiencies, provide global modeling of workforce acquisition strategies, and provide tailored execution that drives substantial cost reductions without compromising talent acquisition or retention.”

Through meticulous analysis and real-time benchmarking against industry standards, Lockerbie & Co. has assisted clients in streamlining compensation frameworks, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing targeted adjustments that maximize operational efficiency and talent retention on a global scale.

“Lockerbie & Co. played a pivotal role in our client’s financial optimization. Their expertise in pay intelligence allowed us to identify unnecessary expenses and restructure talent acquisition strategies globally. This initiative resulted in significant savings and bolstered overall financial health which positioned our client for a very profitable acquisition,” said Deysy Ordóñez-Arreola, Human Capital Management Expert at K&C Strategies.

The success stories of cost-saving initiatives have solidified Lockerbie’s reputation as an industry leader in human capital management(HCM) consulting. The firm remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower organizations to make informed decisions, improve EBITDA, and drive sustainable growth.

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